Cut and blow in Tonga


i laughed til tears rolled down my cheeks!!!


13 thoughts on “Cut and blow in Tonga

  1. What happened??????


  2. hi Sonia and Gordon, we made it off haápai and are now waiting for our flight to Auckland in the comfort of the scenic hotel. i guess the lady ball was a success and you are recovering gracefully which has not given you time to update the blog with report, can’t wait to see the pictures, hopefully Gordon won a prize for prettiest blonde.

    Anne and Steve


    1. Hi Anne and Steve…glad you made it out OK… our flight was 2 hours late but we made it to the ball… pics to come…when we can get some decent internet!!! Enjoyed meeting you both. Stay in touch.
      Sonia and Marilyn!


  3. I think he looks very suave, or is that smooth or swamy?


  4. What can I say!! Smooth but scary! Sue xxxx


  5. That’s a trendy hair cut if I have very seen one. Deek would be proud of that one 🙂 x


    1. That is exactly what Gordon said… “Derek would be proud of me!!


  6. very suave yes indeed Gordon looks fab XX TT


  7. U2 visiting?


  8. And I can see why! Gorgeous, totally gorgeous.


  9. Ohhhhh divine! A whole new Kotoni. Love it xxx

    Sent from Samsung MobileSonia & Gord


  10. S[pooky!


  11. Veronica pansaru August 30, 2013 — 4:06 am

    Why!! Pray???


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