Perfect pancake flipping!

Leni… Kotoni’s counterpart showing off her best flips!!!

27 August Tuesite
Good news… The grant I helped write for the upgrading of ATI floors and desks has been approved by NZ aid. Great when a plan comes together!! I had a busy paperwork day drafting text for a new ‘Ahopanilolo and Potluck flier that Tajeen another Aussie volunteer has kindly agreed to help design. We are hoping to maybe get these printed in Australia as the paper and inks here are very average and we want these to last longer than a season.
I took a last minute communications class today for another teacher… To improve their written and spoken English I had them write little stories that started with… “Everything changed when I…” They recited stories about lost boyfriends, getting pregnant, failing exams, finding god in jail and even a lovely love poem. It was actually quite cool tonight but we popped on an extra layer and headed out at 8.30pm to the Alliance Francaise rooms to celebrate with Virginie the French coordinator who was having a crepe evening to mark her 10 years since leaving France.

28 August Pulelulu
I know you want a description from this weeks mufti day… Well i am please to report that i was not disappointed as one of the leiti’s just passed me in a bright yellow mini with the usual 6 inch heels. I have started editing 96 stories for the Rural Women’s Network’s Hidden Treasures project and as always the stories of women volunteering across rural NSW is inspirational and humbling.


Cooking class this week was focused on healthy eating without using an oven. The Tongan students couldn’t get their heads around the fact that you could have a meal with no moa (chicken) puka (pork) or even ika (fish)!! We made a tofu herb Vietnamese salad served in a lettuce ‘cup’ followed by wholemeal buns filled with cumin grilled eggplant, more tofu and spicy bhaji coleslaw. The class ended with all the students having a go at flipping crepes that we later filled with poached cinnamon (skin left on!). It was a good laugh as usual. After class we scootered off on Bas to meet the newest volunteers who arrived this week.


1 thought on “Perfect pancake flipping!

  1. wow Sonia, a very busy week. Pics look great. I’m sure the flipping was fun. Always a good few laughs to be had when trialling your skills at this skill.
    I just had some post cards printed by Vista Print. They are on line and were very easy to work with. You simply need your art work set up for their specs. The turn around is really good and the prices were totally amazing … compared to going to a printer here in Hobart. Perhaps this is am option as I believe they are an off shore company and this could be an option for your flyers. Since posting to Tonga could present an issue….. perhaps they could be printed and delivered to you by one of your various visitors.
    Anyhow,sending lots of love to you and Gordon. look forward to seeing you very soon. XX TT


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