Gotta love Keleti beach

Low tide snorkeling revealed amazing fish
Low tide snorkeling revealed amazing fish

14 Sepitema  Tokonaki
I spent the morning at the fair looking for a yellow outfit for an Aloha school function next week. We have to wear our sports team colours and unfortunately mine is yellow … not something I have in abundance in my wardrobe. I did not find anything suitable for the upcoming Aloha night but did pick up a couple of other bargains.

The afternoon was spent at Keleti beach snorkeling and lazing at the magic little cove where we met a Tongan and his palangi wife who ended up meeting with us in town for dinner. They live in Hawaii and are looking at returning to Tonga so had some interesting conversations over our pizzas and gelato.

The Lesley snorkel fish
The Lesley snorkel fish

15 Sepitema Sapate

Out of the house before the Pentecostals get to warmed out and hit the road for the East Coast tour. Fishing pigs were put on cue and we had a Tongan salad in a bag roll seated on a beach overlooking Eua while trying to NOT notice the bits of rubbish scattered here and there. The litter situation here is so sad.

Coffee at Keleti International Resort (we continue to laugh at the international tag… but the view is UNREAL… so really who cares!!!) . Had a lazy afternoon watching the waves and grabbing some winter sunshine before home for a Korean dinner with a mixed bag of dozen or so fellow volunteers and their guests.

an underwater wonderland fakaofaofa!
an underwater wonderland fakaofaofa!

3 thoughts on “Gotta love Keleti beach

  1. pics look amazing. Love the Leslie fish. Stunning colours XX TT


  2. Loved the latest three blogs Sonia. It all sounds so relaxed, happy and engaging. And full of fun and good people. Was relieved Kotoni put you at the top of his heart … what was at the top of yours? Happy days.


  3. Each addition to blog “whets” my appetite more!! As if!!!! It needs a boost!! Xx


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