Tongan guest 10-11 out… guest 12 in!!! :-)

Wearing an Áhopanilolo Tshirt and ready for the walkie talki with Steve and Leni
Photo scramble

16 Sepitema Monite
Lesley and Stewart headed home… Two days until we have Catherine our lovely mate from near Byron Bay come to stay with us :-). Mum and her gorgeous friend Carol printed a huge number of photos (over 1000!) for us which Lesley brought over… They weighed a ton but brought such beautiful smiles on the faces of everyone we gave them to.
This afternoon we had an afternoon walkie talkie team building activity with the staff. Kotoni and I then retired to Reload Bar for sushi… Yum yum.

Wearing an Ahopanilolo Tshirt and ready for walkie talkie with Steve and Leni
Wearing an Ahopanilolo Tshirt and ready for walkie talkie with Steve and Leni

17 Sepitema Tuesite
Public holiday for the Crown Prince’s birthday. A lazy day ending with a strolling walk along the waterfront, soda water and a simple rice dinner at home. We are finding we eat out A LOT because it is great food and reasonably priced.

18 Sepitema Pulelulu
Last cooking class for the year: shortbread, chapatis and fish curry. One of the students Mo made a lovely little thank you speech which really touched us. I hope we don’t go home with a big head with all this regular praise.

Mo makes a chapati
Mo makes a chapati

19 Sepitema Tu’apulelulu
Catherine, our very welcome guest number 12 from Australia arrived and was dropped off by Steve to our front door at 3am safe and sound. It is not the best hour to arrive but who cares!!! So lovely to have her here. We both slept in while Kotoni went to work.

Canteen today was fish burgers (in freshly made bagels) gourmet all the way at Áhopanilolo!

School lunch canteen today was yummy beef pies ($2TOP) which we ate down by the wharf. Every week the students do a school ‘canteen’ where they cook food to sell for fundraising. You never know what it will be but the dishes are always toto’atu (excellent). Spent the afternoon/evening chatting with Cath… Then Kotoni and I went out for half an hour to art exhibition opening… Some lovely works on paper, tapa and mixed media.

1 thought on “Tongan guest 10-11 out… guest 12 in!!! :-)

  1. great pics. and so pleased to see how lovely evryone looks. Happy and wholesome. Just toto’atu


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