Blowing a gale here in Vavaú

22 Sepitema Sapate

Woke up to more wind but thankfully no rain. Kotoni spent the day reading and trying to get the coconuts along the shore to Russia but they kept on washing back in.


I went for a walk through the bush track to a little bay on the other side of the island. There were yachts and boats moored in the quiet still waters escaping the wild winds. The tide was out so I just had a little paddle and lay down in the shade for an hour or so taking in the solitude (well apart from the boaties coming in and out on their dinghies further up the beach!). I kept thinking of my Hobart yachtie friends Tracey and Barry and can picture them here cruising the warmer Pacific seas on their boat… it is another world away and not something my land lubbing husband would even consider even for a day!!! He is dreading our second whale swimming trip booked for Wednesday already.


Dinner was again spectacular…  and compensates for this annoying wind! We had perfectly cooked tuna, potato croquettes, fresh vegetables and homemade bread. We managed dessert this time: lemon drizzle cake and a coconut parfait on a flattened brandy snap… not looking forward to being weighed on our way home. Every flight we have been on we have had our luggage as well as ourselves weighed… scarier than the flight.


The controversial new Chinese gifted plane was pretty empty with only a handful of passengers on the 40ish seats. It is brand new and the flight was smooth with no dramas.

23 Sepitema Monite

The wind is still whipping our faces and we even had a shower of rain overnight… but who cares… we are in holiday mode. Lucy who owns the Tongan botanical gardens here in Tonga called this morning to invite us over for a tour… but Kotoni didn’t like the look of the rough seas so we decided to stay put. We met Lucy back down south as she came to our cookery classes this term. Perhaps anther time we will venture beyond the shores of our little oasis.

We did get to Facetime Mum and Kotoni’s Mum which was a nice bonus even if we have to slink under a window in the dark to get the wifi!

Getting  is never easy in Tonga.
Getting wifi is never easy in Tonga. Kotoni perched on a seat next to the best spot.

I am pleased to report his birth certificate is on its way from Scotland… so we hope we can progress the next step of getting our passports replaced. It is proving to be a long drawn out global process.

wandering through some pineapple groves just beyond the village.
wandering through some pineapple groves just beyond the village.

We took a stroll through the nearby village and later popped down for dinner… I know you want to know!!! We had yes… fish again. This time Wahoo with a lobster sauce, sweet potato and a delightfully delicate dill and cucumber salad. The dessert was a most divine banana and pawpaw custard flan. We went to bed happy reading our books and feeling content….but wind still swirling around us. Oh well you can control most things apart from the weather!!! but at least it is WARM!!!

4 thoughts on “Blowing a gale here in Vavaú

  1. Enjoying catching up on all your news..cranky with myself that I haven’t paused long enough til now..have been busy with yr12 final lessons & farewells..& Sarah’s annual dance concert..& David’s absence with the army..saw Sally briefly when she was visiting her mum..looking forward to reading about the good times you will share. Also keen for your favourite reply blogger, Tracey to be the subject! Happy Days! & a very happy wedding anniversary to you both..only seems like yesterday meeting Gordon with you in Tweed Heads..Excellent you’ve shared a relaxing weeks holiday..I had a wknd with the girls at Bannisters Lodge, Mollymook & dined at Rick Steins Rest..beautiful seafood & presentation..similar to what you’re enjoying daily only a little pricier! Spoke to a travel agent today about our Easter N.Z rendezvous, planning to travel on the Sth Island prior..I will take some LSL. It will come around soon enough! I will put my feet up in the meantime..yes my surgery is next week on Tues 1st Oct..I will keep you posted. Cheers xxx


  2. Relax and enjoy your break. Say hi to Lucy! xx


  3. A touch of reality colouring the idyllic situation. Keeping things grounded. Perfection eventually results in boredom that would be a terrible waste. Love your pieces.


  4. Divine Divine Divine. I am so excited for you both and dreaming of sailing these warmer climes, Cant wait to get on The water !!!!! Yachtie friend Tracey XXXXX


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