Playing with whales in between eating lobster in Vava’u can’t be bad!

The most active thing we have done all day is go down the hill for breakfast and dinner or use the wifi along the wall. Tonight it was lobster lobster lobster… And even though we are not lobster aficionados I must say it was worth the hard work as super fresh. We waddled to our fale and fell into our king size four poster bed enclosed in muslin bug protective curtaining… very romantic if it wasn’t for this ongoing ‘hurricane’…. that is still around.
I found a great little book in the small resort library. Utulei My Tongan Home (Patricia Ledyard) is about an American woman who moved to Vava’u in the 1940s and married at Scottish doctor. Some of the stories could have been written yesterday as a lot of things have not changed! After this quaint bit of history I am now onto book four!

a very close encounter!
a very close encounter!


25 Sepitema Pulelulu
Woke up before the sun to the promise of a glorious windless morning. Great as this was our day to encounter some whales so we were happy happy happy… Especially Kotoni who had a seasickness pill for breakfast.

Kotoni, guest blogging:
Sione the guide said “jump” and in we all went wearing wetsuits, flippers and snorkels. I was the last in the deep blue ocean and as I spurted out the salt water from my snorkel I came face to tummy with calf and his mum who just happened to be heading for me about two metres away. This was an incredible moment and one I shall remember for a long time. They are bloody big once you are in their space but it was also quite serene and not as scary as I had thought. I had been telling everyone to wear a miner’s light on their head in case they got swallowed and this is what nearly happened to me. Would I recommend doing this? You bet.


Now for all the foodies out there… dinner tonight was efo (delicious) and stunningly balanced and presented yet again. We want to kidnap Josef and take him home. A slab of locally smoked marlin with a smoked fish mousse and pawpaw salsa followed by a main course of six grilled tapatapa (bugs), garlic butter, coleslaw, potatoes and a white ratatouille. The bugs had been caught around the corner that day! To finished off we shared a to die for chocolate mousse with tiny finely diced lemony banana pieces. The Reef Resort is like a little classical Swiss/European restaurant parachuted into the Pacific. It is worth coming here just to visit here!!!



2 thoughts on “Playing with whales in between eating lobster in Vava’u can’t be bad!

  1. yum yum yum and WOW. These pics are truly amazing. We still marvel at the close proximity you have to these awesome creatures. I for one am totally amazed that you are able to get soooooooo close to these incredible creatures. What an amazing experience for you both. XXX TT


  2. Wish we where there with you! xx


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