Bye bye Vavaú, hello girls!!!

Kotoni post kayaking


26 Sepitema Tu’apululu
I managed to convince Kotoni to do a little kayak trip today around a rocky little island we can see from our fale. The said kayak was made of clear perspex so we could see the coral as we glided above.


We also had a wee swim and that was enough exertion for one day! Tracey (Hobart), Lisa (Wellington) and Sally (Surfers Paradise) arrived in Nuku’alofa this morning. As we were not there we had Tevita, a lovely student from ‘Ahopanilo go and collect them from their 2.00am flight. Catherine (Byron) has been staying with us as well so she was there to meet them and tuck them in! So the Muir guest house/tourism service was left in good hands.

Banana and pawpaw pie – yummy yummy

27 Sepitema Falaite
Another hearty Josef breakfast assured we were off to a good start to the day. I had a last dip and snorkel and Kotoni had his last hit of Facetiming Scotland so everyone was happy. The plane was on time, Noah our taxi driver was there to collect us in Nuku’alofa and we had a lovely welcome from our guests who were now very familiar with our ‘burb’. It felt like Christmas as we unwrapped the many gifts they had brought for ‘Ahopanilolo (we had circulated  a wish list). There was everything from a reconditioned computer and ipad (thanks Brian) to staplers, pens, scissors, kitchen scales, batteries and balloons. Lisa also acted as a courier for a huge package of tourism and hospitality resources sent from TAFE Western in Orange (thanks Helen and Kate these will be well used).
As per usual all guests also brought treats for us  and even some pampering parcels from Mary (Sydney) and Kate (Orange)…. Malo aupito aupito aupito!
After non stop catching up we continued the conversations strolling for a yummy curry at the two-table restaurant up the road.

The Pili house is alive with the sound of ...GIRLFRIENDS!!!!
The Pili house is alive with the sound of …GIRLFRIENDS!!!!

1 thought on “Bye bye Vavaú, hello girls!!!

  1. Oh it seems so long ago and yet so recently we were all making the most of our time together. Love the pic of us all in your lovely welcoming home. Hope the Sunday singing has settled by now. XX TT


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