Weaving memories in many ways

30 Sepitema Monite
Arrived home last night to an impromptu invite to my landlady’s for dinner. Saane also proudly displayed an amazing mat she has been working on for the last few months. These wonderful weavings made from the leaves of a plant found in most people’s backyards, are kept for ceremonial events and very special occasions and are highly valued.

The mat Saane has made is abut 6 metres long.
Saane’s mat is about 6 metres long and has taken her months to weave

Tour day started with jobs around town and a coffee at the Post Office where I checked for any mail. Wow what a surprise… A parcel Tracey had sent me back in April turned up today… While she was sitting there with me. It was a lovely birthday gift: a gorgeous red teapot, colourful wrap and little dotty bowl. Also a letter from another friend Timm that was sent back in July. Tonga Post we love you!!! A great start to our day!

Three cheers for Tonga Post
Three cheers for Tonga Post

The tides were low over on the East coast so we saw some fishing pigs in action. Kotoni did his ABC Tonga Time interview sitting in the van looking at the ancient Ha’amonga – Tonga’s coral Stone Henge.

Cath, Tracey, Lisa, moi, Sally at Keleti beach
Cath, Tracey, Lisa, moi (becoming known as the wild woolly woman from Tonga), Sally at  the lovely little beach

We had fish and chips for lunch overlooking the raging sea at Keleti beach before heading to the blow holes which were going off big time. Ha’atafu beach on the Western coast  had an amazing break over the reef with five surfers shredding the  waves (I learned this lingo from my Byron friend Catherine’s boys Griff and Peri). The day ended in the garden at Marco’s pizzeria.

The waves were pounding so no swimming here today

1 ‘Okatopa Tuesite
Kotoni and I went to school while the girls hit the marketi and shops. We had a little earth tremor mid morning but it was all over in a flash. As usual at school nothing wasn’t usual. After lunch we had dancing practice for the upcoming graduation. This was great fun and included waltzing, boot scooting and a little Scottish reeling.

We then stayed on until 5.00pm for the first day of a four session Red Cross First Aid course. Kotoni and I could barely keep our eyes open. Met the girls at Reload bar and ate yummy Korean feast at Frangipani before another late night talk fest.

1 thought on “Weaving memories in many ways

  1. these pics do tell 10000 stories. Thanks for keeping us inspired and updated. Just love that the parcel has arrived and my faith in Tonga Post has been restored….. However, at 5 months a parcel delivery time…. it may be too late for a Xmas present delivery XX TT


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