escaping the church

ubiquitous Tongan pigs
ubiquitous Tongan pigs

5 Okatopa Tokonaki

Coffee at Friends cafe with a couple of the volunteers (Rei and Stefan) kicked off what was to be a great Saturday. We had Sisters Keoma and Anunsia over to our place for lunch. The hours slunk by way too quickly as we talked about a myriad of topics. They are such delightful company and before we knew it the clock said five o’clock and they had to leave. Kotoni had trialled the oven by making some shortbread – not an easy feat with the temperature being anyone’s guess. The dial shows a low or high flame and we really have no idea what that translates into temperature. They were a little over done but we rescued them in the nick of time. Spent the evening with another two volunteers Sally and Fiona… so quite a social start to the weekend. It was rather chilly walking home from dinner in town and I was please to have my new bright blue and purple woollen wrap from Tracey to keep me snug. Kotoni is still a stalwart for the no jumper look.

6 Okatopa Sapate

I cleaned the louvred windows this morning while watching Q&A. They get grimy so quickly in this dusty dry weather with our unsealed road out the front. Later in the morning we escaped the pathetic Pentecostal singers with a walk to the TCC telecommunications office which opens on a Sunday. The internet was surprisingly fast and we managed to get a few jobs done like pay our house insurance and upload some photos to update the blog which hasn’t been touched for over a week. A bowl of healthy coleslaw counter balanced with some less healthy Aldi dark chocolate (thanks to Sally) were our pre theatre snacks before curling up to watch the wonderfully artistic Baz Lurhman’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ film. Sunday evening TV is a religious extravaganza on all channels and as we’d been to church all day mostly without leaving the house… Compliments of the mad minister next door, we wanted to chill out so this was perfect. We had started the Game of Thrones series a couple of nights ago (thank you Kate) but the batteries on the remote went dead, and being Sunday we couldn’t buy any new ones. There is something to be said for Sunday trading when you are desperate to see what happens next in a cliff hanger of a story… but Tonga is teaching us patience.

Tapa drying outside a home near school
Tapa drying outside a home near school

3 thoughts on “escaping the church

  1. Friends cafe eh?? Are MY musicians still in residence!!?


    1. Yes Mum your Tongan musicians come and go at Friends cafe… and are waiting for your December return!


  2. So glad the wrap has come in handy. The shortbread sounds like the new wave of Toasted flavours, or perhaps smoky, like the ANZAC biscuits I slightly overcooked yesterday…. even with a dial some of us can get waylaid. XXXX sending love hope you can escape the church again tomorrow. XX TT


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