First aid certified a la Tonga

7 Okatopa Monite
Woke up to a damp morning. Good as that will quell the dust for a wee while and green up the yard which is getting a bit crispy looking. Helped Sister Keoma with three letters before starting the moderating and checking of exam papers so the morning flew. The students ‘mobile canteen’ today was eggs Benedict on homemade rolls and donuts. We bought a wad to give to the two families we have adopted on our ‘patch’ as ongoing recipients of ‘Ahopanilolo student cookery goodies. They are always so grateful and it is a pleasure to see their faces light up when we come to the door  “malo e leleing” in our very best Tongan.


Did our final Red Cross First Aid session so now I know how to do CPR! Let’s hope I never have to use it. Kato the Tongan presenter was a delight.

8 Okatopa Tuesite
Hot and humid today… Perhaps a prelude to summer. Easy day checking more exam papers.  Got a bright red cover for the ipad sent over by our friend Brian compliments of the Sunland Foundation. Sister Keoma now feels like the hippest nun on Tongatapu. Rode down town on the moped for a quick drink and some free wifi but the crowd was too noisy so headed home for a flop and drop evening at home.


Mosquito coil fired up and ready to roll at work. Had to assess student’s verbal presentations on lamb, beef and pork first up after assembly. They were SO good and even though most were done in Tongan we could appreciate the efforts. One group did a hands on demo of tenderising beef with a huge steak! Another had props with a student wearing an abattoir coat, apron and plastic gloves. We were most impressed.

Leni was so happy with her new second hand laptop
Leni was so happy with her new second-hand laptop

It was a day of making people smile. Leni was very overwhelmed to get the laptop our Gold Coast mate Brian had sent over with his wife Sally c/- the Sunland Foundation. Generosity from others is an added bonus we had not expected… and being here on the spot we can vouch that things are going to well appreciated recipients who have very little opportunity to buy such things we so often take for granted. How many of us have laptops languishing in a back room because they are a couple of years old and not the latest and greatest?

I was woken from a little afternoon siesta by Atu – one of the ‘Ahopanilolo teachers who needed help to write her CV. I had helped another teacher ‘Ofa earlier that do so have become the resident CV expert by default. They are both applying for scholarships to do further studies in Fiji and Samoa

10 Okatopa Tu’apulelulu
Arrived at school in the nick of time as we had a massive tropical downpour that turned the school grounds into an instant lake. The noise was so deafening it was hard to have a normal conversation to some sitting beside you. More helping with exam moderating and writing up assessment forms. Handed over another laptop to the Fashion and Sewing group (thanks to Timm)… again they were so excited to have such a valuable resource available to them.



1 thought on “First aid certified a la Tonga

  1. making me smile. Lovely, Great to hear that we are now safe in your hands….. in case of emergency …. break glass…. and call Sonia. XX TT and Gordon.


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