Okatopa (2nd last) Pot Luck

Gordon and some of the guys at the Pot Luck sign
Gordon and some of the guys 

13 Okatopa Sapate
Kotoni and I had a lovely massage this morning with Chinese Mike and his Dad which meant we could have a break from the church. Leni, one of the teachers had dropped in a breadfruit for us to cook. Kotoni made some yummy shallow fried chips which we ate with our neighbours teamed with a beer and wine.

14 Okatopa Monite
Took a long lunch today as not much happening with everyone focused on the exams starting tomorrow. Used the time to try to get our computer dongle working again. Another cafe in town is providing free wifi… After a haphazard week I was finally able to update the blog… Yipee!  I am trying not to complain about the internet but sometimes it can be so frustrating.

Áhopanilolo chef/teacher Malakai (we have christened him the Tongan Jamie Oliver on account of his youthfulness and talent!) with the beautiful butterfly profiterole stack he made for his sister’s birthday

Potluck dinner tonight was the usual great food: seafood chowder, grilled fish and a gorgeous berry cheesecake for me while others had corn cakes with a pawpaw salsa, pot roasted chicken and poached pears.

or Fish... both fabulous!
or Fish… both fabulous!

Entertainment included dancing singing and consummate entertainer – Rabi dressed as an Oriental maiden and lip-sincing a Chinese opera.

Rabi Coco Chanel... the Tongan Opera Diva
Rabi Coco Chanel… the Tongan Opera Diva

Kotoni actually had to double him/her on Bas the moped to a nearby ‘shop’ to get part of his flowing costume during service! A big step for Kotoni as he does not like Bas and… it was in the dark!

15 Okatopa Tuesite
The two UK yachties dropped off a load of foodstuffs that they suspected would not be allowed into NZ. They were also keen to promote the Pot Luck dinners among the yachting fraternity as enjoyed the experience so much. It is great when everybody wins!
Had an email from Lisa one of our Aussie friends who visited recently. She is kindly donating some funding to help make the school more sustainable. We are hoping it will go towards creating a solar alternative to relying on the expensive grid-based power currently in use. Once again the generosity of our friends is overwhelming and humbling. Thank you Lisa your gift will be put to good use.
Home for a siesta before a few jobs in town. I am currently reading the moving Afghani story ‘The Kite Runner’ makes the refugee issues seem so much more real and Tonga, despite obvious poverty and deprivation a paradise.

4 thoughts on “Okatopa (2nd last) Pot Luck

  1. Looks like Pot Luck was yummo and fabulous. Last one. Ahhhhh the busy assessment times just keep rolling along. Well done Gordon, what an amazing feat esp. with that amazing dress to handle on the rear. The pic looks stunning.
    Lisa you legend. Gracious and lovely. what a beautiful friend and woman of the world……… 🙂 XX TT


  2. Great to keep reading your news Sonia, even though it is all about delicious food and I am trying to loose some weight after Kenya, Gelantipy with David and the long weekend by the lake at Budgewoi. Love J xx


  3. Veronica pansaru October 15, 2013 — 6:06 am

    I am a little distressed (self interest i must admit) but it appears that the Pot Luck Cafe will be on holidays December/ January!!
    Your visitors I think leave a little of their heart in Tonga….and the students benefit….Mum…


    1. Yes pot luck ends with ONE MORE dinner… 28 october… Then nothing until next year. They have been fantastic to see just what the students can do!


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