Yum Yum It’s cookery assessment time

16 Okatopa Pulelulu

the day started with a wee drama. We had to put our first aid learning into practice as a student collapsed in the garden. The teaching staff worked as a team to implement our learning and we got her to the hospital and by all reports she is doing well.

Tonga is always all about the food… and Ahopanilolo our wonderful school is no different. Of course being a hospitality training establishment helps. The practical assessments and exams have begun. We have been enjoying the experience of seeing what the amazing cookery students can produce as part of the assessing team (for lunch AND dinner).

I will leave the pictures to tell their own culinary stories.

a dessert extravaganza. I’ve never had a creme brulee served quite like this before!
This poached pear smelled and tasted as wonderful as it looked!
That is a fish hidden under that colourful tomato and onion coat!
a yummy couscous and beef filling was a gourmet surprise in this entree
Kotoni working hard with some of the assessors… such dedication!


17 Okaptopa Tuápulelulu

More yum yum assessments. It is so amazing how far the human skin can stretch as we rocked up for a double three course lunch and dinner again. Luckily we don’t have to eat everything on our plates… but it is SO tempting because the dishes are so nice. Kotoni and I even had to do an extra student each as some of the assessors couldn’t do the evening shift. Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers may be needed to get over here on the next flight to take us on… but luckily we are in Tonga so no one has ever heard of either of these! As Kotoni always says… Ï don’t mind losing weight as long as I can put it back on”… well I say be careful what you wish for!

Just heard good news. Kathy (Milthorpe), Sandy (Molong) and Dimity (Sydney) have booked to arrive for a week at the end of November. Princess Vicki  (Sydney) is due in two weeks… so the Nukuálofa inn is still in full swing! :-)… we just need to go on a starvation diet or they will think we have embraced the Tongan eating regime too enthusiastically and may not recognise either of us!

The variations on a common theme were so creative
The students were given direct feedback and encouraging words from the assessors
I think this could become a Tongan signature dish… creme brulee a la fluke
(a fluke is a whale fin)













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4 thoughts on “Yum Yum It’s cookery assessment time

  1. Amazing looking photos. The food looks very creative and sumptuous. Not such a bad assessment situation. Also glad to hear that you were able to handle your selves so well, as a team, after your recent training. I am certain this helped with an otherwise panic situation in the face of what to do. Well done everyone..
    On a less happy note, we send our love and best wishes to your sister and Pat, as well as their community. How dreadful for everyone and so suddenly. May the kindness of strangers help to heal their loss, as it has in Dunalley during this year. I’m glad to hear that your family is safe and missed the actual drama, as it unfolded, I’m certain it was better not to have to be there at the time. Blessings to everyone in their community. XXXX TT .


    1. Thanks you Tracey…having been there yourself… I know you know where they are at… Much luv sx


  2. The presentation of the meals you photographed surely may be offered in any establishment – with the greatest of pride…thank you students, teachers and examiners!!


  3. It all looks fantastic. You guys have certainly brought the best out in the students.


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