Kotoni to be in 2014 calendar!

We are over the moon!

With over 1000 Aussie volunteers placed globally, we are very thrilled that an image of Kotoni cooking with a student has been selected for the 2014 Austraining calendar competition run by the body that manages our volunteer placement. 

Colleen, a fellow volunteer took the beautiful image… but you will have to wait for the calendar to see it …I am pleased to say that he kept his kit ON and is in  a full chef’s uniform!




7 thoughts on “Kotoni to be in 2014 calendar!

  1. Very very cool! Can’t wait to see the calendar.


  2. At last — true recognition — congratulations. Joe


  3. He always was an international star. Only outshone by his gorgeous partner.


  4. Dear Sonia and Kotoni,
    The thought of Kotoni as a calendar ‘pin up’ has me undecided whether to laugh or cry. Perhaps both.
    Images of naked firemen or ‘senior’ ladies flashed through my mind; quickly replaced by fears that this could be the end of Aus-Aid once it’s circulated – have you not thought of the damage this could do to international relations!?
    We need the UN election monitors to go in there and check how the votes were counted. Or was it a qualitative process based on an assessment of who was the most photogenic? Surely not!
    Obviously the only way to avert disaster is for you to get all your friends to buy these calendars – so we can corner the market before Mr Moon is diverted from solving the Syrian crisis, or creating world peace.
    Tony C.

    PS tongue-in-cheekness aside, where do we get them?


    1. Tony I am sure it was a beauty contest! sx


  5. Veronica pansaru October 21, 2013 — 6:46 pm

    Wow!! My son in law the star!! Much better class than a Chippendale calendar!!


  6. Wow. Congratulations what a sensation!!! Just rewards I’d say, totally brilliant. Very happy for you yip yip!!!! Xx TT


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