An edible tropical island what next…??

Brilliant work especially for a first year student!

21 Okatopa Monite
First year practical assessments and endless jokes about where I should park my bike after all my dramas on Saturday. We did the double lunch and afternoon shifts where we were treated to bowls of pumpkin soup, various styles of sandwiches and a main course of fish or chicken. The aim of the assessments is to test skills and knowledge so the main also covered sauces, salads and dressings. I must say some of the presentation skills of these first years exceeded those who have just completed their second year. We were so impressed… One young student even made an amazing little tropical island and palm tree garnish that worked beautifully and was not too over the top to detract from the food itself.

22 Okatopa Tuesite
After the morning assessment I drove with Kotoni and the Deputy Malatina in the school van out to Liahona Mormon High School for an informal assessment of their catering students. Their set up is very different to ‘Ahopanilolo and while our campus is so much older, our teaching facilities are better laid out. The Liahona students made a chicken noodle stir fry dish followed by a debrief where they reflected on what had been done and hopefully learnt a few new things along the way. It is hoped that Liahona students will study some preliminary subjects before slotting into the ‘Ahopanilolo cookery course. The teacher acknowledged they have much to learn. But saying that the passion is there and the teacher Maopa is a pleasure to work with. She became quite emotional when we left and seems very overwhelmed that we are so ready to help.

The students were quite taken by Kotoni's demonstration of the 'real' use for a chef's necktie?!
The students were quite taken by Kotoni’s demonstration of the ‘real’ use for a chef’s necktie?!

23 Okatopa Pulelulu
Spent the morning doing a few more presentations on dairy foods and seafood storage. The students had progressed incredibly in their attempts at English. I cannot imagine trying to read in a second language let alone giving a presentation! Kotoni and I came home for a siesta before a quick Bas trip downtown for some jobs.

I went to sleep feeling a little better after a text from Tania my sister saying the fires were behaving a little better in the Blue Mountains today… we hope this is a turn for the better across the Eastern coast.

4 thoughts on “An edible tropical island what next…??

  1. My daughters are gonna love the edible “island” thank you for sharing it 🙂


    1. These Tongan students do amazing things with so little resources… we are very proud of their efforts… especially this five star island dish!!!


  2. I’ve never seen a tropical island look so delicious! Really enjoying your posts.

    And my thoughts are in the Blue Mountains back home too, I suppose all we can do from far away lands is send our strongest hopes and wishes.



  3. Yes! great News for the blue Mts yesterday. Those fire fighters are such amazing people. What a huge effort from so many. Sending them all best wishes and a huge Thanks to them that so many have been spared.
    The images you have posted are so colourful and the food looks truly stunning, clever knife work.
    The group pic is wonderful. You can see how happy everyone is.
    Poor Gordon though. !!!!


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