A trip to the dentist & a scrabble coup

24 Okatopa Tu’apulelulu

I visited a Tongan dentist today. I knew something had gone awry as there was some dull aching on my left side … but did not quite expect to emerge an hour later having had two fillings along with the usual six monthly clean. I didn’t even have to make an appointment… so unheard of in Australia! at home we make appointments at least six months in advance. here I just had to Turn up at 5.00pm and wait for the dentist to arrive from the hospital. I have been told that if you have a day to sit around then the dental work is free at the hospital. As I didn’t wish to take up a space for a local I thought the right thing to do was to go to the after hours and pay. It cost me about $150Aus for all that work so heaps cheaper than Australia and Afa the dishy dentist worked from a modern surgery and has a Masters in dentistry from WA University – there was a lovely framed certificate on the wall. His first degree was from the University of the South Pacific. So my chompers are now restored and ready for the next meal.

Kotoni kindly made me scrambled eggs… And we both agreed that it was best to avoid the rock hard bread I had made in the electric bread-maker earlier in the week. I think not having the right type of flour certainly impacts on the softness.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAof the final loaf!

Only avid scrabble players will want read on from here and weep…Tonight I scored 128 in one go finishing all my letters with the z on a double letter triple word!!! Now I know many of you will be impressed. My final score was 481!

7 thoughts on “A trip to the dentist & a scrabble coup

  1. Was really sad when I first read about a trip to the dentist….BUT maybe I am far from a compassionate mother – sympathy lessened just a little when I saw your Scrabble score!!!not really darling! Congratulations!!!xx


  2. U r dangerous to scrabble against!


    1. All this free time is honing my game Joe so watch out!!!


  3. wow That is totally unbelievable. It does show a certain zealous approach top word-smithing and I suspect reflect a lack of evening TV distraction.
    Glad the dentist trip was seemingly a perfect 10 out of 10. How often have you had a dishy dentist in AUZ ?????


    1. Maybe some dishy dentists but they don’t come with such an affordable price tag!!


  4. I seem to remember bread like that. I seem to remember leaving it as a doorstop at my bread mentor’s front door. Oh, also, remind me not to play scrabble with you …. ever. “Qins”? Yes, Helen researched and grudgingly believes it to be acceptable. Will Tonga still have a ‘u’ in it in April? Love.


    1. I think my bread was on par with your sabotaged efforts Vaughan but I even had yeast!!! No wonder I had to go to the dentist!!!
      The computer says “yes” to Qi and qins!!!


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