Rugby rules in Tonga but the winner is…


30 Okatopa Pulelulu
A small sea of blue and red across ‘Ahopanilolo signified Scotland was about to play Tonga in the rugby world cup today. Year 1 students were asked to support Kotoni and dress accordingly while everyone else was in the Tongan national colours of red and white. We split out house down the middle so whatever the outcome we could celebrate a win. Kotoni donned his tartan tupenu and Scottish tie on a checked blue and white shirt and me in white trousers, a red top and red accessories. Kitted out we began the rivalry on the walk to school yelling at cars and passers bye… It was hard not to get caught up in the energy.











After a quick roll call the assembly area was cleared of furniture and set up as a ‘lounge room’ with the smallest TV ever made and everyone crowded around and settling on the floor to watch.
Luckily an IT savvy student found a data projector and even more surprising he was able to link it up to the wee TV and we had a big screen broadcast.

At time it felt more like a One Direction concert the screaming was so deafening. Scotland led the first half for Kotoni and his team of blue screamers we very happy despite the taunts from the red corner. Tonga caught up which was a nail-biting finish especially when the enthusiasm of the crowd nearly saw the entire TV and projector hit the ground by prancing supporters. Scotland won by two points. We will all be wearing black tomorrow apart from Kotoni of course who is beaming and wearing a winners garland.

Kotoni with some of his Scottish supporters. It is only the second time Scotland has won in the history of the competition.

7 thoughts on “Rugby rules in Tonga but the winner is…

  1. Mary Givney-Clark November 7, 2013 — 11:25 am

    I am enjoying catching up on all your news tonight..HSC Exams now over with Visual Arts the last exam. My yr12s were generally happy & I was pleased with their study prep. Its been intense! I am back at work this week full days & my feet are holding up in my oversized sneakers due to the swelling post surgery. But its nice to be out of the moon boots & driving again. Vicki must be on her way soon? Hope the Barretts & Springwood Community are finding some relief now that the fires have eased. It has been a tragic time for many families. Enjoy the final weeks of formalities you two. xxx


    1. Thanks Mary…yes Vicki arrived and now in Ha’apai diving… Much drama in her arrival but glad she got here safely…blog will update everyone at once!


  2. Ohh what fun Happy days I can just imagine the whole atmosphere. Electric and loud and very enthusiastic. XX congrats to Gordon. Fab outcome. everyone’s a winner. XX TT


  3. Go Scotland! lol


  4. Congratulations Gordon…Must have been the best game ever!


  5. My allegiances were also confused. And what an entertaining game it was. Surely Scotland could have eased off a bit in the end. After all they’ve had so much success recently with the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (sorry a transmission problem).


  6. Veronica pansaru October 31, 2013 — 9:54 pm

    Wow!! What an exciting time…the glee bounced off the blog page!!


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