Blessing the furniture

The newly blessed furniture

31 Okatopa Tu’apulelulu
Blessing of the new classroom furniture and the housekeeping simulation suite renovations took place today. Certificates were also awarded for a range of study areas including our evening cooking classes and first aid. As we have come to expect, the celebration included singing, prayers and refreshments.

Just how many people does it take to hang a tapa???
Just how many people does it take to hang a tapa???

Halloween brought forth witches and warlocks at nightclubs and bars but we didn’t stick around for too long.

1 Novema Falaite
We had a tsunami awareness workshop this morning. I am afraid Kotoni and I will be stuffed as the whole talk was in Tongan! We did hear later that our little suburb of Pili is considered to be almost ‘mountainous’ as is one of the few places that people need to head to. It seems so funny as the mainland island of Tongatapu is so incredibly flat with the highest point being a mere 60 metres above sea level.

Kotoni was never the same after this Tongan salon wash and cut...
Kotoni was never the same after this Tongan salon wash

After a very late lunch Kotoni braved another haircut… His 4th try in Tonga. As in Australia he produced his little crumpled portrait of George Clooney with the hope that he will emerge from the salon with this new persona…well hairdo at least! As part of the service he was treated to a lie down hair wash ( I must show this to my Orange hairdresser Mel… Could really catch on in Oz!!)

2 Novema Tokonaki
Early morning tennis, markets (good haul) then downtown for a lime and pawpaw juice and some free wifi. A few volunteers are leaving us this month – their year up. An island themed farewell was held at one of the volunteer houses. We enjoyed meeting a few newbies from the US Peace Corp before heading home and leaving the hard drinking spiked punch to the youngies. Although Kotoni did get in the pool before we exited stage right on Bas the trusty moped!

Kotoni always did like pool parties

4 thoughts on “Blessing the furniture

  1. Lovely to read your post as usual! All as well as can be expected here. Latest lot of CT scans show stable disease x Pammy had just spent 3 days here and Mike has arrived for the night.  We are off to musical ‘Dirty rotten scoundrels’ in syd on Wed then a couple of days with Mum. Stay well and of typhoons way. Lots of love, H xxx

    Sent from Samsung MobileSonia & Gord


  2. Love the pool! xx


  3. Just wonderful Love the new furniture…. Very Flash The colour is vital and a powerful, energy colour. Great for inspired learning.
    Lovely pic of you hanging the Massive Tapa. Wow. Had to giggle, wonder how Kotoni hmmm George emerged from the lie down hair cut. Looks relaxing anyhow and those sexy legs in the pool. Must be getting hot wish is was so here. No luck though jumpers and a top of 13 d in Hobart …………………………….. wish I was on Fa Fa with you 2 XX TT


  4. Kotoni is certainly enjoying all the offered activities…am impressed with him joining the pool party!!!


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