Long weekend Fafa away + airport dramas


3 Novema Sapate

Off to Fafa island for the long weekend 🙂 so nice to escape the church next door and the humidity that hit town yesterday. Seems November is certainly marking the start of summer. Ran into Mana a lovely Tongan born Hawaiian guy we met some time ago who was off for a day trip to another island. Our boat arrived so off we went. It wasn’t until we arrived on Fafa that I realised I had a left a small bag on the wharf. Nothing of too great a value but a handy wee picnic bag all the same. But this story has a happy ending as I texted Mana and yes he thought it was ours and so we arranged to meet the next evening for its delivery…. Ahhh Tonga you have done it again!

4 Novema Monite

An early morning snorkel and lazing around before returning to the mainland to collect the school van for the trip to the airport tonight to pick up my uni friend Vicki – our latest visitor from Sydney… or so we thought… But more on that later.

Rendezvoused with Mana for dinner at the Curry Hut. As it was the Indian light festival of Dwahli the staff were dressed in saris, there were lights everywhere and we were treated to some special indian rose water and milky sweets. Cant say that I had eaten many Indian sweet…even in India.

After a few hours sleep I took off in the van at 1.00am to collect Tajeen whose parents were on the same flight as Vicki. Upon arrival at the airport we were confronted with a wave of confused people as the Virgin flight had been cancelled. We couldn’t get much information of any value so Tajeen called her husband in Australia and he was able to track the flight over the internet. We found out the flight was about 20 minutes from Tonga before turning a sharp right and heading to Auckland with a technical problem. as Tonga is perhaps not the best place to take a crippled plane we understood the decision and were relieved when we heard the good news was they landed safely.

Happy birthday Mr Cavanagh!

5 Novema Tuesite

Luckily Vicki was randomly selected among the passengers to get on the next available flight later today and was able to send us an email from Auckland airport. We drove out again in the van to get our weary friend who could see us from the tarmac and still had enough energy to stop wave and pop on her princess crown (it is our little joke).

Poor Tajeen’s parents had to stay in Auckland, fly back to Sydney and come on another flight Thursday. We celebrated Vicki’s safe arrival with a relaxing chat, a nice cold glass of NZ sauv blanc and a walk downtown for a Korean meal before unpacking Gord’s new crocs, more gold, silver and white balloons (a request for the graduation ball next week) some yummy tea and choccies she had brought. We tucked her into bed for a well deserved slumber hoping the murmuring minister wouldn’t be too loud the next morning.

It had been a long drawn out saga for us all… And we completely forgot about the Melbourne Cup… So have no idea who even won or was even running!

Happy birthday to my mother in law Eileen, Claudia and Janet!

Vicki never missed an opportunity to show a bit of leg!
Vicki modelling a lovely wee ‘kilt towel’ (malo john!)
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