Fish and dessert triumph

The red snapper is DIVINE. $50TOP ($30AUS for three big beauties)

Woke up after 12 hours of rejuvenating slumber feeling heaps better. We ate some pata banana, cinnamon and honey on toast and made an early morning visit to the fish markets to grab some goregous fresh red snapper which Kotoni filleted for our planned meal with guests later in the evening.
It was very steamy and HOT.

Kotoni the Italian hunk

I had my usual Saturday market wander before Kotoni came to collect me on Bas at the Cathedral and we motored into town for some refreshing lime and pawpaw icy juices sitting in the town square which now heralds a huge Christmas tree but more importantly free wifi throughout the festive season.

Tajeen and Mizue with the saucepan cheesecake… it is about to become all the rage in Tonga!

Volunteer Tajeen and her Japanese housemate Mizue, Fisheries volunteer Fiona and Ahopanilolo sewing teacher Larni came for dinner. It was made extra easy as Fi brought yummy homemade sushi for entrée and Tajeen brought along an amazing yoghurt cheesecake… Lacking a springform tin, she had created an engineering feat and the dessert was moulded and lifted out of a saucepan via simple formwork made of aluminium foil. Fi also cleverly transported the sushi rolls in a plastic jug as she, like Tajeen, travelled to our home by bicycle. Leonardo da Vinci would have been enthralled at the ingenuity.

1 thought on “Fish and dessert triumph

  1. Amazing. Love the image of Kotoni on Baz a great shot. The cheesecake looks enviable. I be t you are soooooo happy to have free Wi Fi.
    Yip yooooooooooo.


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