Marie Antointette and mass

we feel the love all over Tonga!

24 Novema Sapate Rain, rain and more rain peppered with some wind gusts which feels like a small prelude to the imminent cyclone season. The has cooled the stifling air which is more pleasant and the precipitation is much-needed but we hope it has gone by Tuesday when our next three visitors: Kathy, Sandy and Dimity arrive 🙂 Had a Marie Antoinette afternoon with a high tea and the screening of the Sophia Coppelia wonderfully creative and visually stunning film at Amanda’s home. She is the 3rd secretary at the High Commission and lots of fun… plus has a very ‘plush’ house next to the High Comm that features air conditioning. Kotoni and I took windmills as pastries seemed to be in theme and a slight attempt to balance the afternoon sugary high.

The ‘Ahopanilolo band warming up

A quick dash home as the credits rolled to pop on the kie kie (waist accessory) long skirts (both of us), ta’ovala (mat for Kotoni) and out for a special Bishop’s mass which was supposed to be held in the open at a school oval but due to the dampness under foot was moved to the cathedral. We just love the acoustics there and it feels much like going to a concert as the singing is sublime and we can have some quiet contemplation time during the sermons and readings as mostly delivered in Tongan. We had some ‘Ahopanilolo students invited to be on the program so wanted to go and support them. The sun did emerge but not enough to dry out the ground just make it incredibly humid so the congregation was a giant wave of fluttering fans… Just wish I had brought mine!

I love the bow tie on one musician and thongs on another .

The celebatory concert held in an adjacent hall went for another two hours and featured lots of wonderful choral and solo singing, our great Ahopanilolo band, a couple of religious dramatic ‘plays’, two testimonials around the theme of divine mercy and some action singing (think choreography with bibles as props).

Kotoni nearly freaked out when the conductor climbed up on the chair
‘action’ singing

During the event we were served red cordial a small plate of wholemeal sandwiches (that is a first for any Tongana gig I have been to!) and muffins to share.  a cool ride home under the stars… hoping the rain is gone for a while. 25 Novema Monite Had an email from Kathy and she has been re-routed through Auckland so arrives Wedensday afternoon. Sandy and Dimity appear to have not been changed so will arrive early tomorrow morning. I just hope they give Kathy a hotel for the inconvenience… at least she had some warning unlike our friend Vicki a couple of weeks ago who was 15 minutes out of Nuku’alofa before they turned around and headed for Auckland where she had a long arduous seven hour wait at the airport. These delays do nothing to inspire confidence in tourists wishing to have a quick trip to Tonga. 26 Novema Tuesite Well… all good plans of mice and men and all that. Sandy and Dimity took off late but will arrive at lunchtime… but it seems Kathy won’t be here now until tonight. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

1 thought on “Marie Antointette and mass

  1. Shame arrivals are such a challenge. AS you say it dispels confidence, but we all arrive don time so I suppose its just when you have so many trips to the airport that your perception is heightened. Love the chair conductor…….. what a hoot. Red cordial yum, and wholemeal sounds like a good mix. XX TT


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