curry, coconuts and a flat tyre

27 Novema Pulelulu
Bus returned and guests fed, we were out the door for a stroll in the heat for the Nuku’alofa orientation. Had lunch at Friends cafe and just stayed all afternoon sipping coconuts and coffee as one by one the girls went to see magic Mike the masseuse. The last ‘victim’ Dimity was doubled home via Bas.

The Curry Hut has one lovely outdoor table and a roaring takeaway trade.
The Curry Hut has one lovely outdoor table in the garden and a roaring takeaway trade.

We all walked to the Curry Hut for dinner and that is when our little evening drama unfolded. We were all so engrossed in deep conversation that Kathy did not see the huge hole on the side of the road and … Well fell in hurting her ankle and taking bark off her knee. She hobbled home on Kotoni’s arm. Pumped with panadol and foot packed in ice we perched kathy on the lounge and I plied her with Scottish medicine: scotch and ice which helped her into z land.

28 Novema Tu’apulelu
Kathy had a ukelele lesson and we had some wifi time with a bunch of French speakers off the cruise boat before heading to the convent for morning tea with the nuns.

morning tea at the convent... Sister Paulina kindly made the girls some raffia bags... could be the new rage for Orange??!!
morning tea at the convent… Sister Paulina kindly made the girls some raffia bags… could be the new rage for Orange??!!

Spent a very enjoyable couple of hours chatting followed by a tour of ‘Ahopanilolo and a two song concert by some members of the school band who were on site for a practice.
Thank goodness our car has air-con as the weather has become very steamy. We headed west for an afternoon of sightseeing and spent a few hours at White Sands Resort where we know Gloria the palangi owner. Unfortunately the blow holes were not doing anything as despite the high tide that sea was flat and serene and the blow holes need swell to get momentum. We may need to return. We also tried to find ‘Tsunami rock’ but as usual the directions were not clear enough to be able to pinpoint the exact location so that will be a mission for another trip out west. This point of interest we have only recently heard about and features a huge boulder thrown into a paddock after a tsunami. Sounds menacing!
Didn’tleave the coast until well after 6pm so came home for a quick turnaround and down to Marco’s pizza as Kotoni and I had seen him earlier in the day and we knew he had made the elusive gelati. Not something to be missed in Nuku’alofa.

29 Novema Falaite
Spent a dreadful night unable to sleep. I had swum in the pool at White Sands and suspect it may have just been doused with chlorine as my skin was burning all night. I was up and down trying antihistamines, pandols, camomile tea, whatever I could… And finally fell to sleep at about 4am. Not much fun but luckily I woke up and the burning sensation has now gone.
Skye our next door neighbour popped over with our electricity bill and pointed out we had a flat tyre.

Lolo and Sandy on the tyre changing case
Lolo and Sandy on the tyre changing case
what a team!

We had bought a basket of coconuts as Dimity has a passion for the water but were not sure how to open them correctly. To kill both dilemma with the one easy solution (we couldn’t get the nuts off the wheel), I took the most strategic and foolproof solution…. Walked across the yard to Saane’s house! She and her husband Lolo came to the rescue. While Saane, Kotoni,  Dimity and I decanted the coconut juice, Lolo and Sandy changed the tyre.

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts (but what do I do with them...)
I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts (but what do I do with them…)
Saane showed how it is done machete style!
Saane showed how tapping the coconut water is done machete style!

It only cost $5TOP to get the nail removed and the tube repaired and we were ready to rock and roll again hitting the potholes at

3 thoughts on “curry, coconuts and a flat tyre

  1. Hi Muir,I am from India and currently live in Tonga ,I was eagerly searching for Indian restaurants in Nukualofa and I luckily came across about your experience of being in Curry hut.Can you please let me know the details of Curry Hut


    1. Curry hut is open wed, thurs, fri… Turn off Vuna road at dateline street and head towards lagoon. It is on the right hand side.


  2. Fantastic. What a wonderful story. with ups and downs. Love the basket of coconuts. I am sooooooooooooooooo jealous. This will always be one of my most cherished memories of Tonga. sipping ice cold coconut water fresh from the coconut. Hi to Sanne. XX TT


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