Kotoni celebrates 53 years

30 Novema Tokonaki
Having a full year in Tonga obviously means annual events will take place here. This is now the case for Kotoni’s Birthday.
The morning began with everyone sleeping in. The girls and I all strolled the big flea market in the hot sun and rendezvoused with Kotoni for lunch in the air-conditioned comfort of cafe Escape.

A pleasant afternoon was spent at a western beach at a defunct resort. We paid $2TOP each and had the place to ourselves with access to bathroom facilities and an outdoor shower which was literally a pipe surrounded by a hedge. All very simple but perfect. Kotoni stayed home to do the washing…well it was his birthday so we wanted to keep him happy!
Kotoni received a call from the gorgeous Helen and Vaughan with Birthday wishes and news from Newcastle.
A sudden rain shower brought the beach outing to an abrupt end so we headed south in search of Tsunami rock. This large lump of coral was thrown inland after a tsunami and now sits a few hundred metres from the ocean in the middle of a paddock. Dimity thought she saw a plaque at the base of the monolith but on closer inspection found it to be a microwave oven!
Home via the blow holes which this time were blowing a bit more vigorously than before.
Saane our landlady popped over with some freshly made Otai watermelon drink – a Tongan delicacy.

Banana cheescake birthday cake at Cottage Breeze yum yum
Banana cheescake birthday cake at Cottage Breeze yum yum

Dinner at Cottage Breeze restaurant ended with happy birthday candles in five slices of the yummiest banana cheesecake. As we were settling the bill, Sister Kieoma called to say she was at the house so we choofed off home to be met by a birthday cake bearing nun!

Sister Kieoma delivers Kotoni yet another birthday treat!!!
Sister Kieoma delivers Kotoni yet another birthday treat!!!

I think this is a birthday Kotoni will not forget in a hurry. He also had lots of lovely messages from near and far so was made to feel very special. I gave him a bright green ukulele and four lessons so he hopes i am hoping he can maybe join the ‘Ahopanilolo band in the new year!

Kotoni with his new ukelele... tip toe through the taro?
Kotoni with his new ukulele and a pacific recipe book from Orange Sally…  I look forward to his rendition of “tip toe through the taro”!
















Happy birthday Newcastle Maureen too!!!

4 thoughts on “Kotoni celebrates 53 years

  1. Just so great!


  2. Happy belated birthday Kotoni. Envious of your uke … I took mine to South Africa – and left it there. I loved it, wanted to play it, but couldn’t channel my inner five year old and just “go with it” … so my uke playing days came and went quickly. Over to you! Birthday love xx


    1. He is yet to have a lesson Nella… So don’t hold your breath for a concert!!


  3. How divine. Loving all the action and birthday cakes galore !!! just shows how valued Gordon is and well loved. Isn’t that beautiful. :-).
    All the best with the “Uke”, how funny. the colour is very inspiring and the Hawaiian tropical shirts will just fit the whole scenario perfectly.


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