The parish party & teacher’s dinner

Nothing like being at the top table!
Nothing like being at the top table and made to feel extra special!
Being a bit arty with the fancy camera! This is the band... live music is always a feature of such feasts
Being a bit arty with the fancy camera! Live music is always a feature of such feasts

7 Tisema Tokanacki
We usually spend Saturdays at a leisurely pace with one or two planned activities. Well today was always going to be different. We have invited two teachers from ‘Ahopanilolo and their husbands for dinner… Not sure who is bringing their kids so it is the usual fluid arrangement. We have also been invited the annual Parish feast lunch on the lawn in front of the cathedral… and last night Saane swooped on us as we walked in the door at 11.30pm to invite us to a consecration of a new church her brother has just built. As we can’t be in both places at once we sadly declined yet another feast of puaka (oink) and taro feeding thousands.

They are such happy occasions that bring communities together and like most cultures focus on FOOD!

Kotoni manages to find a new girlfriend
Kotoni manages to find a new girlfriend
Too cute!
Love the tapa wraps and colourful kia kias
Stunning location on the cathedral lawn
pinning money on dancers is traditional
Even Sister Makalita got into the dancing groove!
Nice to have some of the ATI teachers over for dinner. Our chairs limits us to 6 guests at a time… or 7 if we drag the lounge chair over!

Dinner ended up being with Lene, husband Don, their son, Atu and her niece who had flown in from Samoa.

Menu was fresh spring rolls Tongan style (thank you Sandy!!) with fresh satay sauce… well a kind of satay sauce based on what ingredients we can find. Then stir fry chicken, fennel rice and a pineapple cake… again it could be interesting as have had to use the oven with no temp controls so cooking it has been a challenge. It was half done when we had to zip off to the convent so I may have to try to finish the baking when I return… Hmmmm I wonder what Nigella Lawson would think of this haphazard baking?!

One of our guests left a few pieces of jewellery for me to offer around… as you can see even Kotoni enjoyed becoming a fashion model. Thanks again Sandy!

Atu… all pretty in pink
nice bracelet Kotoni…
perfect pink match for Leni

Happy birthday Kris Battye of Orange

4 thoughts on “The parish party & teacher’s dinner

  1. Life is actually one big feast etc isn’t it.


  2. What a sensational event at the cathedral as well. Look at the beautiful decorative dancers Tonga is such a wealth of cultural events. I wonder how festive Xmas day itself will be ?????


  3. Looks like a really lovely evening. great modelling of jewellery pieces. esp, you Gordon. XX TT


  4. Veronica pansaru December 9, 2013 — 6:15 am

    My goodness…is my son in law versatile..ABC reporter; tv star; teacher of the year…and now modelling jewellery!!! His natural talents and abilities just keep on a comin’.


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