Things happen…

Close up of floral garland
Close up of beautiful handmade floral garland which smells divine from the gardenia type flowers.

8 Tisema Sapate
Found Saane our landlady hovering outside the other volunteer house around 7.00am… so we called her in for a cuppa. This is when we discovered our neighbour had been flown to Australia on Friday with a health issue. Hw is working as a volunteer physiotherapist for an NGO. I am happy to report he is on the mend and hopes to return soon.

Paige, his New Zealand girlfriend popped in to collect some of his gear and ended up drinking tea and munching pineapple and biscuits with us most of the afternoon. She  had a car accident a couple of weeks ago… not her fault and very drunk driver slammed into her. She was lucky not to have been seriously hurt. She finishes her contract this week and returns to NZ on Thursday. Again we are thankful to be close to Australia and covered by volunteer insurance for such incidences.

We caught up with most of the Aussie and NZ volunteers at the Fisherman’s Club which is open on Sunday evenings for a farewell Christmas drink before everyone heads off on their holidays… well those lucky enough to have their passport!!

2 thoughts on “Things happen…

  1. You’ll never get a passport. They don’t want to let you leave. All the dinners are to keep a eye on you. I imagine the Australian Government has your phone tapped and emails read anyway. They need to keep an eye on all world powers.


  2. Best wishes for a speedy recovery hoping you 2 are well. XX TT


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