World Volunteers Day


5 Tisema Tu’apulelulu
World Volunteers Day
Rain overnight provide a cool and refreshing start to the day. Fish and chip lunch after getting soaked in a downpour.  Kotoni featured on the Austraining website for world volunteers day… If you missed it… here is the link and little story:


Sadly the volunteer calendar did not go ahead due to funding issues.






Happy 60th Orange Andrew!

1 thought on “World Volunteers Day

  1. You’ve indicated it many times, friends, that while the students are reaping so much, so too are you. A life changing experience as usual for you two. World citizens prepared to give so much and in turn, receive so much. You make the most of your space.
    We admire you two so much.
    (Now Sonia, I think you moderate these. Just accept it. Don’t be shy now. Press the ‘Go’ button. )


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