Banking and Dr Kik

18 Tisema Pulelulu
Cleaned the house ready for Mum’s arrival early tomorrow morning.

I wanted to share Kotoni’s guest blog entry on Banking…its a day out…
Due to Sister Kieoma’s recent altercation with ‘star’ and ‘ship’, the two puppies from the convent, we were asked to go to the ‘city’ to do some school banking. Sonia being the one with the largest job was lucky enough to score the air conditioned multi business ANZ bank with reasonable comfy chairs and a wonderful eclectic selection of Christmas tunes sung to everyone’s favourite beat…. Country and Western! I was across the road at a more local venue which was interesting as I was the ONLY non Tongan in what was an extremely busy bank. MBF appears to be heavily biased towards overseas transfers and was well…standing room only. Niceties were exchanged, and no one worried, as the queue slowly worked its way to the counter where paper ‘passbooks’ were handed over in what was a very civilised if not old-fashioned form of personal banking. I am not sure internet banking would be part of their vocabulary.

Tonga attracts some brilliant minds...
Tonga attracts some brilliant minds…

One day in town this week I saw Dr Kik… An eccentric palangi who has a Phd in something like pyhsics, wears a frock and rides a groovy bike… He runs a computer shop and can be seen cycling around town.


1 thought on “Banking and Dr Kik

  1. The banking sounds like a dream. I will always remember my very own banking excursion when I was visiting. The lovely handsome Tongan Gentlemen could not have been more helpful or courteous. It will remain in my memories always !!!!!!!!!


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