Mum begins her 2nd dose of Tonga

Everything is pop up in Tonga even the bands!!!

19 Tisema Tu’apulelulu
Mum arrived with a whopping 63kg of booked through luggage plus 7kg of her own small bag of clothes as carry-on!!! It was so foreign for someone who prides herself in travelling light and usually goes off tripping with no ‘booked in’ luggage at all. Luckily Mum was travelling premium economy which meant she could have two bags of 32kg… She had 900gms to spare… now that is what I call precision packing.
My sister Tania helped her get to the airport by train from Winmalee… which in itself was a grand undertaking. They were very thankful for the platform lifts and the many helpful gentlemen who helped manoeuvre the heavy cases throughout the journey. We were please to hear that chivalry is alive and well on Australian public transport 🙂 thanks guys!!
So what did all that weight consist of? A computer from Tania and Pat, A dozen knives from Lesley, light as a feather undies from Sally, choccies, chrissie cards/ wee pressies from family and friends (thanks for your thoughtfulness) and an entire suitcase supplied by our art teaching friend Timm. He had filled it to the brim with heaps of goodies for Ahopanilolo plus another two computers he is donating (that is 4 in total!). I have said it throughout the year but I have to again acknowledge the overwhelming generosity of our friends who continue to contribute in all kinds of ways.
Malo aupito Tonga thanks you from the bottom of our hearts. We fell into bed at 4am and woke up around 8… Even slept through the murmuring minister next door. An easy day of cuppas, coconuts and lunch by the ocean.

3 thoughts on “Mum begins her 2nd dose of Tonga

  1. Fantastic Fun tripping to you all Tongerian Travellers….wish u were here …no wish I was there……..joe


    1. It is All your fault Tracey… The pili coladas cMe from you!!!! Yum yum


  2. WOW. Veronica you are an absolute legend. A merry Xmas has indeed arrived XXXXX


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