Random activities

20 Tisema Faliate
Running around town doing a few jobs before lunch at Little Tokyo. Siesta at town housesit as rain decided to trickle down. Met Jordan and Tahlia two recently arrived New Zealanders at the Frangipani Korean restaurant for the usual yummy feast provided by Kim and Lee. Managed to sleep through a raging storm back at our Pili House… Mainly winds with some rain. Had the car we are looking after cleaned. Wow what a job… Felt like a new set of wheels!

21 Tisema Tokanacki
Mum and I headed for a muddy trawl through the weekly saturday fair. Only half the stalls had set up but Mum managed to get a couple of groovy garments as well as two Tongan musical CDs. She says it will give her neighbours a nice change from Country and Western! Kotoni did the veggie shopping ready for our little lunch with the nuns.

Two of Kotoni's 'girlfriends' from the convent made it to lunch on Saturday :-)
Two of Kotoni’s ‘girlfriends’ from the convent made it to lunch on Saturday 🙂

Sisters Annucia and Sophia joined us for a delightful afternoon of chatter over a shared table of delicious Asian and pacifica food. Fresh rice paper rolls with a Tongan twist (ie fill them with whatever you can find at the markets!), thai red curry, rice, coconut slaw (love the pure coconut oil from here) and ginger pineapple and watermelon parfaits (inspired by a recipe from a lovely recipe book sent to Kotoni by Orange Sally). The sisters also brought a banana cake so we did not go hungry! I drove them home after 4pm for a siesta.

Kotoni's very patient ukelel teacher
Kotoni’s very patient ukelele teacher
Evan and Mum  at the Christmas tree town park
Evan and Mum at the Christmas tree town park

Wandered into the town ‘square’ to see what was happening. Singing for Jesus at 1000 decibels was not quite what we had in mind for our Saturday night rage so headed for home via Molisi (supermarket) to get some chicken and we stumbled upon Kotoni’s ukulele teacher in band at the cafe attached to the supermarket. So when in Tonga… We grabbed a glass of wine and sat under the stars listening to Hotel California and fabbo 70s and 80s hits. Mum feels like she is channelling Tamworth already. Love the randomness of Tonga… When you least expect it up pops something unique and surreal… and you always run into someone you know…like Evan the talented Tongan actor we met in the park.

2 thoughts on “Random activities

  1. The food sounds divine as usual and your social time continues, Glad that you have not let the weather deter your forays and I suppose if it’s not cold then it may even be a relief from humidity…. but storms of course are quiet a different story.
    Hmmmmmm Hasn’t taken the lovely Veronica very long to find a gorgeous young man to dance with XXX TT


    1. Yes I know Mum still has ‘it’!!!


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