‘Twas the day before Christmas

Christmas eve morning working on my coconut broom
Christmas eve morning working on my coconut broom

24 Tisema Tuesite

‘Twas the day before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring … except for Sonia who was busy working on her broom.

I was actually up at 6.30am to do a bit more on my coconut frond preparation before nipping into town for some wifi while Mum and Kotoni visit Magic Mike and his Dad the Chinese masseuses for some pummeling.

Lunch at the square where we ran into an student Tevita who has a job in the pop up cafe there. Saane directed us the building of the coconut fale (house) for our Christmas evening.

Ned helping to build our Tongan Christmas fale
Ned helping to build our Tongan Christmas fale

Ned (an Aussie volunteer that lives with her) and Kotoni were told where to put what palm leave where and we spent the afternoon chopping, nailing, dragging and tying to create a magic little outdoor space. I cant wait until tomorrow night when our little group of ‘orphans’ congregate to share a meal.

We headed off to mass for some uplifting divine choral singing… It was a long one and went for 2hrs. Home at 8.15pm for pancakes and then to bed to await Santa!

Mass at Nuku’alofa cathedral Christmas Eve



2 thoughts on “‘Twas the day before Christmas

  1. Have a gentle week leading to 2014 that will, no doubt, contain yet another adventure. Be well. Love.


  2. Totally beautiful I can imagine the divine singing, giving me goose bumps from Here. Love the Xmas tree. Merry Xmas. XXX TT hope Sunny Santa came and everyone was well behaved enough to receive some grand gifts !!!! XXX sending season greetings much love to you and your happy clan TT


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