Boxing Day and beyond

26 Tisema Tu’apulelulu Boxing Day
Hmmm everyone who knows Kotoni knows that his favourite Boxing Day activity is to stroll around the huge precinct of Pacific Fair Shopping centre on the Gold Coast with 80,000 other crazy mad people. Of course this year he had to breathe deeply to get through the morning of no traditional retail therapy. I think we may have had a breakthrough. He did not spend one single pa’anga! Maybe he has even lost that shopping gene or it has morphed … or dare I say cured??!!

Tongan Westfield?!
Tongan Westfield?!

We girls all slept in after crawling into bed at about 4am while Kotoni spent time under the mango tree downtown Facetiming his family who were all together for Christmas.

It was a very damp and miserable day, most places were closed so after a coffee in the car we retreated indoors to watch a film. ‘Fracture’ with Anthony Hopkins is a terrific thriller if you are at a loose end. Gin and tonics and tasty morsels (sent from Tracey in Hobart 🙂 buoyed our evening scrabble games and kept our minds off the pouring rain.

27 Tisema Falaite
You had to be up early this morning to get the sunshine. We were not! Spent the afternoon preparing more fronds for coconut brooms. I now have a hard callous on my finger. Emily is joking that she came for a tan and will leave with a blister!

Mum with Saane the coconut broom oficionado
Mum with Saane the coconut broom aficionado

Consoled ourselves with a yummy Korean meal followed by a fresh coconut juice listening to life music at Friends cafe. We met a very strange Tongan/American there who was adamant about having his picture taken… so Mum and Emily obliged. Scrabble was the before bed tonic to counteract the red wine brain!

Mum with Saane the coconut broom oficionado
Mum with Saane the coconut broom aficionado

28 Tisema Tokanacki
Woke to sunshine followed by a massive downpour that sounded like hail. Headed to the Saturday Fair flea market regardless and picked up a couple of nice tops (two for $6Aus). The biggest issue was dodging the puddles. Lunch in the park under the mango tree, free wifi and then met Anne and Joe for coffee. Anne is a New Zealander with a long-term friend whom Emily worked with and knows really well. Such a small world.

The rain seemed to have abated so we jumped in the car and headed to the west coast to see the blow holes and Emily and I had a divine swim at Hatarfu beach. Well it was more like a bob. The water temperature was perfect and being high tide conducive for floating around as the reef breaks the waves so we didn’t get pummeled. We reckon we could have stayed there for hours masquerading as pieces of flotsam and jetsam. It was the first time Emily had a chance to get out-of-town too and see some of the plantation and village scenery. Dinner in Marco’s Pizza garden under a cloudy but clear sky completed what ended up being a fabulous day.

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3 thoughts on “Boxing Day and beyond

  1. Lovely to hear that despite the restrictions, the transfer to 2014 ‘s a good one, continuing to make wonderful memories. Love to you both.Helen and I have loved the many visitors from stayers to dropins. Helen has been ‘good exhausted ” often. Nice.


  2. I love this collection of stories,Sonia I can tell just how happy you are. It is expressed so comfortably within your words. Sounds like you have had a couple of lovely lazy family days and I laughed at Emily’s comment. Lets hope she can take the broom home !!!!
    Poor Gordon must have hankered for Pacific Fair. I did spare a thought for him when witnessing the q’s on TV showing the muster prior to shoppers bounding through open doors. I have never really understood the phenomenon !!!!!! Still I sympathise with Gordon and Sonia I would expect a double dose next boxing Day !
    We have been totally inspired and engrossed by the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race. Its been so spectacular. I am planning a lot more sailing starting from today !!!! Trying to decide weather to be out on the water for NYE fireworks or stay on the pier?? We have Max and Jo with us, so it’s a very special time. so sending love to Kotoni and his Bevy of Beauties……. Happy New Year lovelies and all the best for whatever it may hold for one and all. XXXXXXXX TT


    1. Loving you new years resolution to do more of what you love. I am sure last night was spectacular from wherever you were in Hobart! Sxx


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