A few more swims and Bishops last journey

29 Tisema Sapate
A massage with Mike the magic masseuse and his Dad Leo meant we escaped the house early and did not gave to inflict the church experience on Mum and Emily. However on our return, Saane was on the warpath due to the excessive decibels and had called the police who sent around a patrol car. The evening service was more tolerable as no amplifiers were evident so maybe the law enforcement visit had some impact. But we won’t hold our breath.

Kotoni doing it tough after a massage
Kotoni doing it tough after a massage

After tossing around a few ideas we ended up spending a very pleasant afternoon at the Scenic Hotel dining, swimming, reading, sleeping and reclining in the little cabanas to escape the sun, wind and later more showery rain. It is the only 4 star hotel in Tongatapu and is out near the airport so a good 30 minutes drive away. The pool is huge and in a very picturesque setting surrounded by palms and tasteful lounges. It was so easy to wile away time there on a rather steamy afternoon with one other Tongan family. Two graduating 2013 ‘Ahopanilolo students have scored jobs there and one came over to say hello which is always so nice.
Watched a Robert de Nero film called ‘Being Flynn’ – very intense story based on a memoir if an eccentric homeless alcoholic writer and his son.
Had the regular Pili scrabble tournament before bed… washed down with a nice NZ sauvignon blanc. Drip drip drip… The drainpipes provided a little drum beat to send us to sleep… here’s hoping we wake up to a different tune!

30 Tisema Monite
Spent a very pleasant few hours bobbing in some tidal pools at White Sands Resort on the West Coast before returning to the Cathedral in front of ‘Ahopanilolo to be a part of the Catholic Bishop’s funeral. Thank goodness for a light breeze coming off the water as the day was quite muggy. The procession was very solemn and beautiful with most wearing traditional funerary dress of various sized mats and of course black.



2 thoughts on “A few more swims and Bishops last journey

  1. Love it! Calling the police on the church gathering. Should be more of it. Nip them in the bud. Go Saane!


  2. Wow what amazing photographs. Sonia these really tell the tale. These Funerary outfits are indeed incredible. It must be a true grieving experience and the wearer would be well reminded wearing such a large and I imagine very hot covering.
    The pool side relaxation looks very flash and a great option compared to the vociferousness of the Pentecostal’s. Go you good girl Sanne !!!


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