2014 starts with a swim & cyclone?!

New years day Pulelulu
Reality is hitting…we have only 10 weeks left until we leave Tonga but in the meantime we intend to enjoy the tropics as much as we can.

Mum aka Esther Williams?!
Mum aka Esther Williams?!
Even the fish benefited from our stay
















Mum Got her swimmers wet which was a big break through. She now thinks she is the Hollywood swimming actress – Esther Williams.

The island felt very quiet after the big night and I felt a little sorry for the staff who still had to front up for any silly early risers wanting breakfast before midday!
Emily woke up with sore hip and shoulder so has been to Chinese Leo who has been the resident masseuse on Fafa… He and his son Mike have a clinic in Nuku’alofa and most of our visitors have praised their skill.
OMG by dinner time she looks like a torture victim as she is covered in bruises and circles from the dreaded chinese cup therapy… But we are hoping it will do good.

In pursuit of the manta ray
It wasn’t perfect every day!
Who’s turn is it for the hammock?
Our fale front verandah… Velly noice!
Spectacular scenery above the water and below

image image

2, 3, 4, 5 Sanuali
I won’t bore my readers with the idyllic life we have been living the past five nights in our little coconut fale. However I will comment that the biggest decisions so far for 2014 have been where to sit: hammock, day bed, beach recliners, sandy beach, verandah chairs or just flop on the bed… but you will be comforted to know we are managing the stress very well.
The sound of lapping waves, rain, geckos, bird calls and rustling palm fronds have peppered our days and nights.
Despite a cyclonic day the rest of the time we have been able to swim even if the sun wasn’t shining all the time. One day we even kayaked up close and personal with a manta ray gracefully gliding across the water. Mum even had a go at snorkelling which was a first for her.
Fafa is a special little piece of Tonga and we are lucky it is only a 30 minute boat ride away.

A rainbow connection on fafa island
A rainbow connection on fafa island

6 Sanuali Monite
We woke up to brilliant blue skies and cyclone warnings… Go figure. Throwing caution to the wind we jumped in the car and ended up having a glorious few hours at Keleti beach swimming and lazing in the crystal clear waters.
Had cocktails and dined at two restaurants… One for main course and the other for some decadent banana cheesecake and passionfruit pannacotta.

6 thoughts on “2014 starts with a swim & cyclone?!

  1. YUM YUM YUM, love the way there is always dessert at the end of your wonderful stories with delishus mouth watering descriptions. Sounds and looks like a divine and beautiful family stay Veronica is a total glamour in those beautiful swimmers !!!!! How’s the rainbow !!!!
    XXX TT


  2. Wish I was there…A truly great way to start the New Year. G

    Sent from my iPad



  3. Is this the start Suzie of a new ‘water baby’ you?


    1. Mum has had lots of swims… If you can take the warm water to Australia may e the swimmers will get wet again Joe!!!


  4. Everyone else on the sleep eat work eat sleep work roundabout eat yr heart out. I have been encouraged to go teach english for 3 mths minimum at our college in Sri Lanka which I am considering. Anyone been there or has and ideas about this possible wenture?..Joe


    1. Mum and I loved Sri Lanka!!!


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