Tonga Post we love you

Very happy Jann!
Very happy Jann!

16 Sanuali Tu’apulelulu
Even though the one and only Nuku’alofa post office has moved out of the CBD, the retrieval of mail seems to be so much more efficient than before …

This morning we rode out to the new temporary premises (a shed) expecting to spend hours combing through packages and boxes to be handed our lovely Christmas parcel sent by Jann and Tony from Newcastle in less than 2 minutes!!!

Kotoni wanted to do a little guest blog here on postcards:
The use of postcards dates back to 1840 in either the UK or USA and were originally used for advertising. My family love postcards and it has been great receiving plenty from my parents during our time in Tonga.
Not only do they inform me of my family’s movements and activities but the picture on the ‘A’ side depicts images of places that they have been.
These pictures have also become works of art in our Pili home for us and others to enjoy by sticking them on the wall.  (Our friend Tracey in Tasmania has another great idea she keeps her postcards in an atlas on the page of origin… We would need a whole atlas just for Scotland to cope with the booty we have received :-).
Scenes of Scottish highland cattle (muckle coos) and fishing ports, Glasgow’s beautiful architecture and its poetic verses have become wallpaper memories of my youth and return me, figuratively, to my roots.
I have also enjoyed sending postcards over the years. Some of these have been arty, factual, funny even quirky, but they have all been sent with the feeling of keeping a friendship alive (annual Christmas card) or making the recipient jealous (dinner with Bill Clinton in California) or trying to promote a project (Orange F.O.O.D week).
Sure! an email could accommodate all the items listed above, but putting a A4 piece of typed paper on the wall hasn’t the same flair of character.

So I guess what he is trying to say there is… Keep ’em coming just don’t forget to write ‘Kingdom of Tonga SOUTH PACIFIC’ as packages and letters have been known to go via the Kingdom of Togo… In AFRICA!!!

My art teacher friend Poppy sent this and it surprisingly found us!! Go Tonga Post!!!
My art teacher friend Poppy sent this and it surprisingly found us!! Go Tonga Post!!!

2 thoughts on “Tonga Post we love you

  1. What a lovely guest Blog Gordon. Wow and a pic of a post card from Poppy Ottley. Fantastic A blast indeed from the Murbah past. I’m very pleased to hear that you guys are still in contact just divine. Love the post card story. Close in my heart XXX TT


    1. You are the atlas postcard queen Tracey!


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