A sad day for Mullet

Mullet RIP
Mullet trying to get Tin Tin and Noodle to get off the backsides and come and play

30 Sanuali Tu’apulelulu

We discovered this morning that one of our dear dogs, Mullet has been run over by a car and passed on to doggy heaven. He was such a funny character so we feel very sad. Even Noodle and Tin Tin looked sad this morning after they too learned of the demise of their banana loving furry friend and fellow barker.

ps The staff delivered fabulous presentations this morning. I was so overwhelmed by their creativity and the excellent way they took the theory from yesterday and put it straight into practice. What a team… We had Christmas tree lights to set us on fire (by wonderful Sister Annuncia), thinking about salt via an Egyptian mummy visualisation (a great segue by Ofa) a glitter and hand cream activity to demonstrate the transference of germs (brilliantly delivered by Kina),  a provocative tourism message by Kotoni about the critical importance of keeping the environment clean, as well a sing-a-longs, physical exercises, personal story telling and strategic questions to get us all thinking and engaged about the topic being delivered. The two hours just flew! I know our teachers are now armed with a few new teaching strategies to kick off their year when the students arrive next week… Bring it on!

4 thoughts on “A sad day for Mullet

  1. Veronica pansaru January 30, 2014 — 7:17 pm

    That is sad news…one less happy “wagging tail” when Kotoni arrives home!! Xx


  2. So sorry to hear of Mullett’s passing. Noodle was my favourite, but he was my second favourite dog when I lived there. Please give Noodle a pat from me.


  3. Ohh how sad I’m really sorry to hear of Mullets accident and passing. I’m sure there will be a big gap in the locality for a while to come.
    On the second note. it sounds as if some every inspiring presentations were completed under your guidance. love the hand cream and glitter idea. May even borrow !!


  4. Oh…no…..my commiserations to the whole community around you.
    You two are going to have to up your banana eating skills!


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