Hulu shows me the ropes


I spent a couple of hours learning a traditional plaiting with Hulu. I managed to make half an earring… While she made about four!

Hulu the wonderful jeweller
Hulu the wonderful jeweller
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2 thoughts on “Hulu shows me the ropes

  1. Veronica pansaru January 30, 2014 — 7:18 pm

    I understand you are not taking orders as yet?? Xx


  2. Great . No doubt a tricky little knotting routine. The 2 different colours were surely a help. I’ll think of these with empathy as I complete my next splicing efforts ( later today or tomorrow) I feel like such a novice but wish to create something which shows both skill as well as care and attention to the detail the task. All ” salty sea dogs” must wave their eyes over other boats mooring lines and a shabby job is always evident, I have a phone app which I can slow down to show me move by move … but it will take lots of experience to complete splicing with little reference.
    Thank goodness for I ph technology.
    I can understand your new skill efforts completely. XX TT


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