Tava & Looking for Noah


31 Sanauli Faliate

Our Fijian neighbours and Saane both gave us some tava fruit that have been growing in our garden… I took a small bucket to school and proceeded to inform everyone at ‘Ahopanilolo that as I grew them I am a now calling myself a tava farmer. The fruit is very sweet and tastes like a lychee but even nicer.


Malatina told me that they are always ripe in cyclone season so I hope this is not an omen for more destruction.

Kotoni rides to our back door through the Pili lagoon 6-7cms deep around our house
Kotoni rides to our back door through the Pili lagoon 6-7cms deep around our house
Pili lagoon
Pili lagoon?!

The night had been quite wild so we had to close all the windows (well where we could) and then woke up to a morning of boiling kettles on the gas stove and taking cold showers (tolerable here with ease) as all our the power in our house was out.
I waded across the sodden ground to Saane’s house shaking off Tin Tin and Noodle who saw me and performed 360s as they wanted to play. At her kitchen window I gently calling “malo e lelei” to see if anyone was up… this is the usual way to get the attention of a household when you visit.
It was just before 7.00am so of course she was… but her son Poko, who works for Tonga Power was still pumping out the zzzzzzs. Saane took the issue in hand and woke Poko who will check our street pole when he gets to work and has his ladders and equipment. The problem only seems to be at our house and it is not the fuses so hopefully it can be fixed easily.

We have really enjoyed the freedom of motoring around our island capital ‘city’ on Bas the moped… but on mornings like today when the monsoonish rains seem unrelenting the romance disappears rapidly. We popped on the rain gear (for what it is worth) and sat waiting for a break in the showers to make the dash to school and arrived safe and more importantly dry.


Who needs a rain jacket?!
Umbrellas are for the the sun not the rain... You palangis are so funny!
Umbrellas are for the sun not the rain… You palangis are so funny!

Tongan of all ages relish in an opportunity to be out in the rain. In town we even saw people taking rain showers under drain pipes!



4 thoughts on “Tava & Looking for Noah

  1. i enjoy the reverse: umbrella when it is sunny, no umbrella when it is raining…so fun…but here it makes sense…just lovely


  2. Veronica pansaru February 2, 2014 — 9:41 am

    Such a pity you cannot send some of that rain to ‘your country of birth’ – most of which is very very thirsty!!!


  3. Better than lychees! Wow! No long to go ……… Enjoy.


  4. wow Those fruit are making me salivate……. Delishus I’m sure you will hanker for them when you are back in Orange !!! Wet Wet Wet, looks damp but at least its not cold Aussie is having a complete heatwave 43 in lots of places so the cooling rain looks divine Sending lots of rain but sorry no ark!! XX TT


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