Boys+land = Tonga

I keep forgetting that a wee piggy crossing the road is NOT ordinary for most people!

1 February Tokonaki

To celebrate Chinese New Year we dined at the Emerald Chinese with a bunch of French, American and Aussie volunteers and Kotoni had ukulele lesson number three. He now knows a few more cords and strumming techniques… maybe a Sunday gig at the Union Bank wine bar in Orange will be in order on our return!?!

I captured this one day and thought it was just so beautiful

Another little cultural snippet from the Tonga in My Heart book by Shadrach… this time on land ownership

“When he is 18 every Tongan boy gets a piece of land. The oldest boy will get the family piece of land, because he is the heir. When his father dies, he asks the noble of the village and the Minister of Lands to put that piece of land in his name. He can’t sell it; in Tonga you can’t sell land. If you try to do it, all your land would be taken away from you and you would be taken to court. If he wants to, he can divide up any extra land and give it to his brothers, they tell the Minister of Lands, and they register each piece to each brother, and then that piece belongs to those families.
If I die my wife will be responsible for our piece of land. She will go to the Minister of Lands and tell them I have died, and then the land will be registered to her. If she didn’t do that, and if my son didn’t do that, after ten years the noble who owns our village would have the right to that piece of land… But even then he could still let my son have the land if he wanted to.
My daughter has no right to the land unless she has a son and I don’t. Then my daughter’s son would have the right to the land. The same is true for a nobles title. If he has no son but his daughter has one, that son has the right to the title.”

Some one actually owns this island... not that is land worth marrying a Tongan boy for!!
Someone actually owns this island… where Fafa resort is situated… any single girls out there… go find a Tongan boy with an island!!!
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7 thoughts on “Boys+land = Tonga

  1. Do you get some of the very plentiful pigs with the land for free??? Tonga provides paradise at a laid back pace which we have all lost in trying to ‘improve ourselves’


  2. Gorgeous photos and loved reading the blog as always xxx

    Sent from Samsung MobileSonia & Gord


  3. very interesting hmmm not sure being a gal is quiet so good for real estate investment !!


  4. Hi, what do the locals think about the Tongan Winter Olympian????


    1. Hi Cheryl…not a mention of the winter olympics… don’t think many people even have TVs!


  5. We have some land around a piece of water, not water around a piece of land so I guess that doesn’t count. Sorry. Love anyway.


  6. Veronica pansaru February 9, 2014 — 7:47 am

    I want him who ever he is!!!!


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