P&O and Kotoni Bond I presume…

The cruise ships are the biggest building on the island when they dock
The cruise ships become the biggest ‘building’ on the island

8 Fepueli Tokanaki
In town the skyline was dominated by a big PO cruise liner. These vessels become the biggest building when in town but are good for the small businesses as they are usually cashed up and wanting to spend money. The ships usually dock in the morning…spend the day and leave that night.

We all agree that first impressions are important so it was terrific to see that the waterfront and parks in town had been cleaned up of rubbish. ‘Ahopanilolo is trying to get onto the tour schedule but that appears to be easier said than done.

Had news that Broni a friend from Noosa. She will be popping over before we leave for a week and a bit 🙂 And will be our 18th guest!!!

I know many will find this hard to believe but tonight we accepted an invitation to go camping (yes Kotoni agreed to go!) on an island… But God works in mysterious ways and we had to abort the mission due to predicted bad weather and rain. Phew… We happily fell into our own comfy bed with a bathroom at hand dreaming of a simpler plan to go on a one day boating trip tomorrow 🙂

Beautiful Tonga
Beautiful Tonga faka’ofo’ofa

9 Fepueli Sapate James Bond
Down at the navy wharf at 8.00am (Tonga has one ship!) to meet Frenchman Cyril who had invited us out on his speed boat for the day trip to an uninhabited island.

Kotoni was well dosed up on seasickness tablets so it was all fine… even when we hit a huge thumping swell. Maybe he is finding his sea legs after all.
The day was truly magic as we zoomed along through the bluest of aquamarine waters – having our first pit stop at a big coral cay.



It felt very James Bondish… especially when the six reef sharks started circling. Cyril assured us they were harmless so Kotoni was extremely brave and fearless posing for some great blog brag photos.

Kotoni Bond
Kotoni Bond I presume…
kotoni in his yeehaa Nashville hat, moi and Cyril our trusty French skipper
A selfie: Kotoni in his yeehaa Nashville hat, moi and Cyril our trusty French skipper

The next stop was a snorkelling reef in the middle of nowhere… and then our final atoll destination. Nuku island has a brilliant sandy beach with deep mooring waters nearly to the shore. We bobbed around in the warmest of water, ate a shared gourmet lunch on the boat before being joined by another boat of Aussies from the High Comm.

Nuke island
Nuku island

Tristan was into kite surfing so whizzed around while we continued to bob and float. The two boats convoyed back to Nuku’alofa after what was a wonderful leisurely afternoon. It felt like we had the entire Pacific ocean to ourselves.
The route to and from Nuku took us past various small islands… Our home away from home – Fafa, a ‘prison’ island, one island that was an army rifle range and a couple of islands with dwellings on them and temporary residents. Nuku itself used to have a resort but it never took off and only a few building remnants remain.


The water was incredibly clear
The water was incredibly clear
Nice coral but not many fish

The sand was much finer than in other places and the water visibility quite a few metres down. In fact I jumped over board thinking I could touch the bottom but to my surprise when right under wearing my sunglasses and hat!

Cyril our French skipper and his partner Louise leave in July to have a baby. They have been in Tonga for a few years but are truly citizens of the world having lived and worked in many countries and are contemplating their next abode. I love hearing stories of people who live lives so unconventional.
Came home to an email that Broni our friend from Noosa is confirmed and arriving at 2.00am on the 18th. She will be our last guest… I think! We have loved having all those who came to share a little in our year without a jumper!

4 thoughts on “P&O and Kotoni Bond I presume…

  1. so glad to have found your blog as looks like I am Tonga bound and reading snippets about your year there have reassured me that we will have an inspiring and fulfilling 2 years. do you mind if i get in touch when the job is confirmed?


  2. Looks absolutely fabulous. And I must say a life without a jumper seems to agree with you both. What a shock orange will be:)


  3. What a beautiful and special outing for you all. it just sounds like a dream in the South Pacific. The pics look so stunning Those colours are sooooo beautiful……… after our adventure on the southern Ocean last weekend sailing for 4 nights away I can really appreciate the difference in our oceans colours and personality XXX I wonder how big the swell was in Tonga !!!!!


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