Groundhog day

17 Fepueli Monite
Well lightning can strike again twice.
We were robbed again tonight.
They broke in at the same place… through our bedroom window cutting the two layers of sturdy wire mesh and pulling out a couple of louvres.
Luckily we had most of our valuables with us but they still got away with the DVD player Kate had brought, some computer speakers as well as cheese, chocolate, chewing gum and some special alcohol left by guests to list a few of the items. Nothing too major it was just a bit disappointed.
The police were prompt and so apologetic as before. This time we have some decent fingerprints so here is hoping it leads to an arrest.
We can’t help but suspect the church next door because the robber entered our yard by cutting through their fence. Retribution for the court outcome of Friday?? We don’t know.
To add to the irony …today we also had our insurance passed from the original break-in back in July 2013.
We are not as devastated this time and you will be pleased to know our passports were safely locked away at the Austraining office.
The day ended on a high note though as I finished my coconut broom with Saane!!

Saane is my broom tutor!
Saane was my expert broom tutor… I hope you too are impressed with the final result!!!

6 thoughts on “Groundhog day

  1. so sorry to hear about another breakin. I was very amazingly lucky to not have any dramas happen whilst in Tonga.


  2. Oh dear! I nearly dropped my phone in the bath when I read about the break in…again. How very disappointing for you and the ‘native’ friends who would feel it was a reflection on them I suppose. A perfect broom of course Sonia! Prell here at the moment. She is a wonderful friend and here at the perfect time. Hope you are enjoying your remaining days in Tonga and that I will be well enough to see you soon. Lots of love xxx

    Sent from Samsung MobileSonia & Gord


  3. Oh I am sorry sorry and disappointed to hear of this resurgent lousy behaviour. I am really glad that it wasn’t as bad as the first time. I’m sure that you do feel awful though.It is such an invasive confronting experience…I am glad that you weren’t home too. just a little while to go now , certainly not a lot of time to organise another insurance claim !!!!!!


  4. Broom is very impressive…So sorry about the break in…at least the booze is easier to replace than the passports!


  5. Grrrr, that makes me so angry! Very disappointing for you.

    Great brooms!


  6. Very impressed with the brooms – made by two extremely clever and lovely ladies….no scummy robbers can break the spirtit of these stoic women!! Xx


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