Escaping to Fafa

21 Fepueli Failite
Saane kindly dropped us at the wharf and is stowing what’s left of our valuables at her house. It will probably fit in a small drawer as everything else has had a ‘redistribution of wealth’ ie stolen.

Kotoni doesn't take long to get into the Fafa groove
Kotoni doesn’t take long to get into the Fafa groove

The Fafa fale wow factor didn’t fail to impress and Broni had her mouth agape wanting to use the outdoor shower fifteen times a day. I actually think it is the outdoor showers that puts this special island resort a peg above any old resort stay.

In the afternoon the Queen Elizabeth behemoth of a cruise ship which had docked last night sailed past after a day in Nuku’alofa. It was the equivalent of about an eight floor building… BIG!

I love those tails!

After a couple of pili coladas we stumbled up the beach past a pile of bright red snapper being off loaded and proceeded to eat them that evening. Luckily they weren’t named Freda and Nemo.


22 Fepueli Tokanacki
We circumnavigated the island clockwise on kayaks before breakfast. Abel Tasman would have been impressed.

The water was like glass

The water was like a mirror as there was not a breath of air. Visibility was impressive and not something we have experienced every day. You could see fish and coral without even wearing goggles!
The sun shone through for most of the day so we had endless dips and snorkels to keep cool… Oh and the fifteen daily showers.

very beautiful poached eggs
Three ex-students are working at Fafa and Leo made us beautiful poached eggs this morning for breakfast

23 Fepueli Sapate
We circumnavigated the island counterclockwise on the kayaks before breakfast. Like yesterday the water was crystal clear with very little wind. The water temperature is still very temperate. Saane collected us at the wharf where we encountered Ned her volunteer house guest. He was trying to retrieve his catamaran that had sunk!


7 thoughts on “Escaping to Fafa

  1. Mary Givney-Clark February 25, 2014 — 6:10 am

    Just doing a catch up on all your news after a wknd in the Hunter to see Bruce Springsteen at the Hope Estate.. fantastic concert followed by a lovely sleep over at Jann & Tonys..& chat about NZ Easter plans. Love the walk around the neighbourhood us a good view of the community. What date do you return to Sydney? look forward to seeing you both, but understand you will find it hard to leave. Sorry to hear about the burglary, hope nothing precious was taken. Enjoy your remaining time xx


  2. Sorry to hear about your recent further losses…hope your insurance is still paid up. But I see you are enjoying your last weeks Fafaing like mad. x


  3. Ahhhh Fafa…wish we were there xxx

    Sent from Samsung MobileSonia & Gord


    1. If i had a big jet i would come get you and bring you over!


  4. Such beautiful photographs of your favourite Island. Just looks stunning. Those fish are so beautiful!!!!


  5. Fafa out of bounds….I will just have to be satisfied with Adelaide AND conventional bathroom…..xx


    1. I know mum I think it is the bathrooms that make it extra special… A little weird for others to understand unless they have been there!!!


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