‘hearty’ frittarty Billfish cocktails for A and T

26 Fepueli Pulelulu

Broni and I zipped around in our Fab rental car doing last-minute shopping for Tongan coffee and having a couple of fresh coconuts… I am so going to miss them. I can’t say I haven’t noticed too many coconut palms in Orange!

We spent a couple of hours on the West Coast at the Blue Banana beach snorkelling for blue starfish and having a picnic. Lots of fish but no starfish.

A snorkelling selfie
No not creatures from the blue lagoon…a snorkeling selfie with Broni
Fab car rental office... gotta love it!
Fab car rental office… gotta love it!

The evening was spent downing cocktails with volunteers at Billfish to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of Amanda and Tristan (who are kindly giving us their High Comm house for our last two weeks).

Tristan and Amanda off to Australia to get married cut their delicious frittata heart ‘cake’ (thanks Malakai – Tonga’s Jamie Oliver)




They leave Tonga tomorrow to head to Western Australia for a beach wedding in March. In true Tongan style we gave them fresh floral garlands and added a touch of quirkiness with an absolutely yummo heart-shaped three layered frittata – instead of a traditional cake.

I also presented them with the broom I made as a wedding gift. I am not too sure that Tristan was too impressed with the flowers or the broom but Amanda enjoyed the sentiment.

Kotoni shows Amanda the finer point of sweeping
Kotoni shows Amanda the finer point of sweeping

















Things have been very quiet next door with very little church activity although we have heard the pastor mumbling quietly a couple of times but at a much reduced volume. The next court hearing is on 19 March so I hope it gets resolved for Saane’s sake. It will be so hard to rent the house otherwise… and with our two robberies I suspect palangis will not be keen to shack up here.

Tonight is actually our last night sleeping here before a little luxury.

Liz our fabulous tenant back in Orange has found herself another home and will be moving out a few days before we return. It has all worked out so wonderfully as we can virtually walk back in the door as if we had been away for a weekend. All our personal gear is in one bedroom cupboard as well as locked in the garden shed and the rest of household stuff has been left ‘as is’ for Liz to use. Our first task will be to buy a car so I have started looking at local options whenever I can get online.


4 thoughts on “‘hearty’ frittarty Billfish cocktails for A and T

  1. Veronica pansaru March 7, 2014 — 2:41 am

    Literally a gift made ” with the sweat of your brow.”
    The final weeks sound they are pure magic…before the deluge of tears.xx


  2. I bet you can’t truly believe that your time is drawing to a close. How beautifully brimming with wonderful tales, fulfilling experiences and friendships which will last a lifetime. I do hope that your last 2 weeks run smoothly and easily in every way.
    A lovely sentiment to give your broom as a gift So sweet XX TT


  3. Oh ………… and I’m SO SO going to miss seeing that GORGEOUS orange shirt on the screen, Kotoni!!
    Beautiful wet 2 days here ……. it will be lush green when you get home!
    Nothing at Bre
    What is your first night in Orange?


  4. You gifted the broom, after all that work! That’s a very selfless gesture – very Tongan of you Sonia. Ox


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