Fafa swan song sunset

Our swan song fale was very nice
Our swan song fale was very nice
Awesome sunset
Awesome sunset
Fata island we will certainly miss you!
Fata island we will certainly miss you!

1 Ma’asi Tokanacki
Well summer is officially over and we are facing another cyclone. Kofi is heading our way from Fiji so everyone is getting prepared. The rain and wind has felt more fierce than the earlier cyclone Ian. I didn’t even venture to the Saturday flea market as it was so blustery.
We spent a solid couple of hours and cleaned our Pili house which is now ready for Saane to rent again. She has already had an enquiry from some locals so I hope it comes through for her as it won’t be on the palangi Aussie volunteer house list after our two break-ins. Both Saane and we are sad to be parting ways as it has been a wonderful year for us all.
An afternoon huddled in our house-sitting comfy lounge watching series 2 of ‘The House of Cards’ was an easy way to wile away the hours… well until the blackout which lasted a bit over an hour.

2 Ma’asi Sapate
Kotoni was feeling green just looking outside at the windswept yard so when Martin phoned from Fafa we mutually agreed that we would abort our planned Sunday crossing and go tomorrow when the cyclone was to move on. Kotoni went and had a massage with Mike and I tried to wrestle the internet with limited success using a computer dongle at home. It does work, mostly, but goes at such a snail pace I could deliver emails quicker on foot. The rain lashed around by the wind but we just stayed indoors.

3 Ma’asi Monite
Popped into town to drop off some books at a little charity exchange then headed for the police station to see where things were up to with our robbery. Walking into the smoke filled room felt like stepping into an episode of the fabulous BBC series ‘Life on Mars’ with a Tongan wardrobe consultant. Little groups clad in their tupenus and ta’ovalas were sharing fags and ashing into old sunshine milk tins talking in deep voices. We were instantly provided with chairs… Even if it meant someone working at a desk had to give up theirs. Our case detective informed us about the developments in both the first and latest robbery so at least we know things are moving along… just not quite at the speed we are perhaps used to.
The toilet at our housesit is being retiled so it is good we have a couple of days away to leave them to it.
As we started walking along the waterfront path we heard our names being called… Choy who runs one of the two Korean restaurants, stopped to offer us a lift. We had seen her earlier in town and as she emerged from the market she presenting me with a cucumber ‘gift’!?!?
The sun came out as we headed out of the harbour but oh my the swell was BIG so Kotoni was very relieved when we finally disembarked on our beautiful island of Fafa for our swan song visit.
They had hoped to give us the honeymoon suite for our last stay but because of the wild weather the mattress had been damaged… we were however content to be in a lovely west side fale and were soon sipping on our complimentary fresh coconuts before a dip in the ocean. The glassy mirror waters of last week were no more and even the beach had changed shape by the mini cyclone. Lisa, one of the staff the tide was so high the kitchen was flooded as the ocean crept higher and higher under the restaurant floor boards. She said it was a tad scary but now things are somewhat back to normal.
The sun did shine in the afternoon interspersed with light short rain showers before a heavy blanketing of clouds tucked around the island and evening fell to the sound of tiny crashing waves presenting pumice stones to the waiting shore.
Mother nature’s beauty has danced to a different tune every time we have been here. I am drinking it all in so as to remember these moments when I return to the colder clutches of an Orange winter which awaits us.

Being in the moment and savouring special times at a slower Tongan pace is a legacy I hope I can retain once I am thrust back into the reality of a faster life back on the big sister island of Australia.
I detect a movement beside me… looking down I see a small crab furiously digging a hole and depositing sand… perhaps he too is aware of the racing king tide and is wanting to create his safe haven before nightfall.
I know we shall sleep well in our own cosy coconut covered fale tucked under a mossie net and caressed by a gentle warm breeze wafting in through the louvres. No need for jumpers here… life can’t get much more simple and magical than this.

1 thought on “Fafa swan song sunset

  1. Mary Givney-Clark March 6, 2014 — 10:54 am

    lovely photos & beautiful words Sonia..I sense a book is waiting to be written..you already have the research..& it would be a special honour to your time in Tonga. By the way you’re both looking fabulous..very trim & beaming with good health & rest..hope the shock of Sydney is bearable. See you soon xx


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