‘umu’ sunday with the Tongan bunny nuns

9 Ma’asi Sapate

Our last umu at the convent with Kotoni's 'girls'
Our last umu at the convent with Kotoni’s ‘girls’

Our last Sunday in Tonga was spent doing what every other Tongan does… eats umu with family.

Our ‘family’ umu was very special as we shared it at the convent with Sisters Kieoma, Anunsia, Makalita, Loyola, Sofia and Paolina. They prepared a lovely meal and Sister Makalita made a beautiful speech which has us all reaching for our napkins to dry our tears.

We were also presented with a lovely Tongan tablecloth and coasters so we shall be able to re-live this moment every time we use them to share food around our own table back home by the fire.

Kotoni made some of his wonderfully mouth-watering shortbread in the shape of bunnies as a prelude to Easter. His ‘girls’ really enjoyed them!


Sisters Makalita and Kieoma
Sisters Makalita and Kieoma
Sister Paolina
Sister Paolina
Sister Anunsia and Sofia
Sister Anunsia and Sofia
Sister Loyola
Sister Loyola
















After a brief siesta we headed to the New Zealand High Commission compound (the only part of Tongatapu that has a hill!) for afternoon tea with Jordan and Tahlia before flopping into bed early contented that our last weekend closed with our bellies full and cheeks stretched from all the smiling and laughter… Ok and our tear ducts had a little cleansing too!

This time next week we will be preparing to return to work… but I don’t want to think about that!

4 thoughts on “‘umu’ sunday with the Tongan bunny nuns

  1. Just can’t stop thinking about you two! Xo


  2. I bet time is now flying! Treasure it xxx

    Sent from Samsung MobileSonia & Gord


  3. sounds like a beautiful relaxing and celebratory day A little like Xmas XXX


  4. Veronica pansaru March 9, 2014 — 7:08 pm

    Laughter; tears; joy; fun; etc. = (future) memories!


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