(2nd) Honeymooning on Fafa island

Tracker Muir
Tracker Muir



koli's banana alaska dessert
Koli’s banana Alaska dessert

image image imageWe left the car at the convent and headed to the wharf and our favourite little escape destination of Fafa island.
As a surprise we had been upgraded to the honeymoon suite…

image image image

The honeymoon suite was so beautiful... Even for hanging washing!
The honeymoon suite was so beautiful… Even for hanging washing!

About the only fale we had NOT stayed in! It has the usual outdoor HOT (yay) showers, hammock and a kingsize mosquito-netted day bed… But there is also another large pavilion with an ultra kingsized day bed netted again that opens onto a verandah. Very luxuriant.

Outdoor shower
Outdoor shower

Everything is so dry. There is virtually no grass/ground cover and many of the trees look stressed or in the process of shutting down.

Plants are looking very stressed as rain is needed
Plants are looking very stressed as rain is needed

imageThe managers said that without the desalination plant going 7-8hrs a day the resort would have had to be closed. We had never seen it so dry and heard that Tonga was actually drought declared. The only positive from such dryness is there is virtually no mosquitoes and no humidity. It doesn’t feel like the pacific summer we remembered at all.
Tristan and Amanda (from Australian High Commission) were staying the night too so we had a game of scrabble with them over cocktails the then walked along the beach to watch the sunset from the western side of the island.
Dinner was divine sitting outside in the breeze. Koli – the Tongan chef we knew from before, gave us complimentary entrees and desserts which we couldn’t quite manage to fit in. I had divine snapper fish on pineapple and coconut couscous and Gordon happily devoured his melt in your mouth NZ lamb. One entree was rare roast beef with a tuna sauce… Sounds weird I know but it actually tasted surprisingly good! Dessert was two huge creme brûlées… We took one home to eat tomorrow…
The evening was inky black but being low tide we torched our way back to our fale along the beach under the star spangled sky re-living so many memories shared here with friends and family.

Once you arrive on Fafa the shoes are off for the duration of your stay! :-)
Once you arrive on Fafa the shoes are off for the duration of your stay! 🙂

Day 5 Saturday and 6 Sunday on Fafa island = Swimming, snorkelling and reading
What an indulgence… Fafa is as beautiful as ever surrounded by azure seas and cobalt skies. Koli fed us each night with lots of extras. One night it was a fresh prawn and mango salad to die for followed by fresh grilled tuna on risotto and flambé bananas which didn’t flare because of the breeze… Life can be so tough even in paradise! Next night snapper and potato salad, marinated octopus and a Tongan version of bombe Alaska. We waddled home along the beach both nights.

2 thoughts on “(2nd) Honeymooning on Fafa island

  1. sounds and looks so relaxing and totally stunning, just as i remember. What a wonderful way to top of your Tonga revisited !! XX TT


  2. Veronica pansaru January 4, 2015 — 9:03 am

    Did I not tell you Fafa is “heaven on earth” – I have not seen or heard of a more NATURAL resort to provide such tranquility and a feeling of well being!!


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