Keleti beach magic still holds

Monday Day 7
Returned to our little Tongan house in the suburbs. The laughter floating through the air and banging of a building going up in our ‘street’ feels so very Tongan… We are just waiting for the dogs to start barking and roosters to crow and the aural concerto of Nuku’alofa will be complete.
Everything was in order although now there appears to be no water at all… Hmmmm could be an issue… How long can palangis go without a decent wash??!!
Had dinner at Marco’s Pizza (an institution) with another volunteer who has been here working as a lawyer to establish a justice of the peace service to alleviate pressure on the legal system.
Since leaving Australia I have read four books including a funny little satire about Tonga called Tales of the Tikong by Epeli Hau’ofa which seriously takes the mickey out of everyone palangi or local.

Tuesday Day 8:


Keleti beach
Keleti beach

Nuku’alofa has noticeably so much less street rubbish than before. We attribute this to lots of new painted wheelie bins everywhere which is a great development.

There is also a step up in tourism marketing professionalism with the visitors centre actually looking like somewhere a tourist could go to get useful information on what to do and where to go. There are huge posters and lots of lovely informative brochures about the many places to dine, see and stay.
We have also noticed a lot more signs around the roads and streets… Even some marked pedestrian crossings and a tsunami evacuaion map that suggests one should head inland?!!!!!
We did an afternoon drive which included a side trip to ‘Keleti International Beach Resort’ nothing much has changed there apart from a few new plastic red chairs… The claim it is an international resort still amuses me…. But oh the view of the beach is all one needs. The tide was huge so waves pounded over the breaking reef and the intense blue colours immediately took us back to many a pleasant afternoon spent there with friends. It truly is one of my favourite Tongan vistas.

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1 thought on “Keleti beach magic still holds

  1. So lovely to read these stories from your recent visit. Its reminding me how wonderful it was to read your tales every week. These snapshots of your Tongan experience and life, have been sadly missed.
    It is fantastic to hear there has been so much progress in the local area. XXX TT


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