Paris? London? Milan? No!! Nuku’alofa ‘Ahopanilolo fashion extravaganza

The graduation event culminated in an evening gala fashion parade. It was unbelievably amazing and very hard to describe with mere words. Remembering Tonga is very conservative and religious, we half expected a traditional fashion parade but being an ‘Ahopanilolo gig kinda knew that anything was possible….

The evening started with fashion students parading their own designs of skimpy two piece bathing suits – so the scene was set. This was not going to be your average run of the mill fashion parade….



The program included a few fabulous Fakaleiti (boy/girl) lip-sincing athletic dancing routines and even a rap song from Ricky the volunteer and Tevita – one of last years student. I think the images tell the story of this amazing night much easier than I could ever describe in words. A particular highlight for me was a group of Creative garments

featuring cooking and cleaning equipment – showing the endless sense of humour and creativity of the fashion students… And the formal couples outfits with everything made for both  the young men and women…. Oh the talent of these students!

image image

1 thought on “Paris? London? Milan? No!! Nuku’alofa ‘Ahopanilolo fashion extravaganza

  1. Aside from the fashion, I’m delighted by your enthusiasm and connection with the whole situation. Lovely stuff.


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