So long Orange…

Well where has the past quarter of century gone?

We zoomed into Orange for a year in 1993 and ended up putting down roots… but… now we are leaving to explore new adventures.

The house has been sold. Most of our ‘stuff’ has been ‘redistributed’ to others and our car will be permanentaly moving next door to take up residence with our neighbours.


6 thoughts on “So long Orange…

  1. Nikki Henningham May 23, 2018 — 10:36 pm

    Oh my, Sonia! Just as I track you down to see whether you will be interviewed for the Invisible Farmer project, I read that you are heading off on overseas adventures! When will you be back? Please contact me on and I can discuss further!

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    1. Hi Nikki… I am around until 15 June


  2. You’re an inspirational lady !! All the best to you and Gordon on your travels. You will be missed in Orange and we look forward to hearing more of your adventures !! LB

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  3. Will miss you, although I look forward to reading about your adventures.


  4. Wider horizons! Many good tidings and safety where you travel 💋💋💋🚙🥂🌞🛫🛫🚢🚢✈️✈️🚝🚞🚃🚎🚗🗽⚓️🏝🏭🏩⛩🏛🌄

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  5. We will miss you both…but looking forward to following your adventures through this blog🛫🛩❤️

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