A whole house in a wardobe!

Who would have thought you could downsize an entire three bedroom house down to one chair, one table, one cupboard plus a few plastic tubs and 25 bubble wrapped artworks? Well you can and we just have.

It does take discipline and watching Ryan and Josh’s  TED talk on minimalism certainly helped. One of their tips was – if something doesn’t give you joy or isn’t functional then out it goes. They also spruiked that the three worst words in the English language are “Just in case”.

So Ryan and Josh I reckon we’ve done you proud. Friends, the local op shops and online buy sell swap have also been happy recipients of much of our ‘stuff’

So all you hoarders out there (you know who you are!) – it is possible!

Tonight we arrived home to an echoingly empty house from a trip to my sister’s house in the Blue Mountains with a borrowed ute (thanks Mark and Lis) to deposit most of the last remaining household possessions in a wardrobe.

We will  be living a lighter if not slighly more spartan life for the next three weeks as we prepare to head off… destination still undecided.


2 thoughts on “A whole house in a wardobe!

  1. Looking forward to following your adventures!

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  2. Not quiet the ‘the lion, the witch & the wardrobe’ but a magnificent inspiration to us all living with ‘maximalists’.

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