Winter is coming… and goodbye Fergus


As the trees along Nile Street in the village of East Orange hold on to the last of their leaves for Autumn 2018, we now find ourselves in the midst of farewells over breakfasts, lunches, dinners, drinks and front fence chats with neighbours.

It has been lovely to saviour these goodbyes over many weeks… although Gordon is gagging to get into the heat of the north.

Our home is starting to echo with a new ‘emptiness’ but we are grateful to still have a bed a lounge and a table and a few chairs which are yet to be collected by thoughtful buyers who said we could use them til the last days of occupation!

Our car has moved (without any tears) one door down to its new home. Selling the car was another mile stone in the packing process and we are grateful to Lucy who has loaned us her car for the final couple of weeks before departing Orange. It is actually quite retro featuring a cassette player… shame we dont have any!

Last week we were at another farewell gig of a different kind… for Fergus the dog. Gordon was proclaimed the ‘Dog Father’ to this furry little fellow many years ago and we were privileged to be a part of spreading his ashes along the public walkway.

2 thoughts on “Winter is coming… and goodbye Fergus

  1. You two are one hell of a wonder couple. So looking forward to hearing your adventures and meeting up with you in the near future st far flung places. Your ‘ send offs’ will be memorable to so many friends and I’m so glad we had the opportunity to also do so before we left. 😘
    We are back at Mexico City now and home on 8 May.

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  2. Awwww……….poor Fergus 😣.

    But a great article non the less….xx

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