The travelling flagpole

Gordon has been a casual vexillologist (flag appreciator) since moving to Orange and when the opportunity came to get a flag pole he jumped at it.
Now we are leaving there was the dilemma of what to do with his collection and of course the pole!
His assortment of flags have flown in our backyard for almost two decades to the delight of our neighbours.
The flag chosen to be flown for a day / week was determined by the news or a major event e.g the Scottish Independence vote, Olympic games or when an overseas visitor came to stay. What ever flapped – it was always a talking point within the house, with street walkers and our neighbourhood.
Some of the more quirky flags caused internal debate with local families as the parents struggled to remember their high school geography… the funny fictitious flags like the Republic of Kekistan-Pepefrog had everyone scrambling all over google – in vain.
The time has come for a new vexillologist to take over educating the kids of East Orange via Darrell – two backyards down where the pole recently migrated.
So if you are around Nile and Byng look up!


2 thoughts on “The travelling flagpole

  1. How awesome. Congratulations on the retirement from you VIP duties in the Village of East Orange Gordon. And best of British Luck to the new Flag raiser ! May he enjoy a long and happy career in this honourable pursuit

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    1. Thanks tracey! Great our new owners will see it from our/their backyard!!!


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